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Check-Raising is Love, Check-Raising is Life - Episode 111

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More Great Poker Content!Check out the last Solve For Why Vlog featuring Jack and Zach!Learn about our new partners, Solve For Why!Empire Casino London1/2UTG1 opens to 15. Hero 3bets QhQd to 44 from the BB (1100 effective).Flop (80) Td7h6dHero bets 50. Villain callsTurn (180) 5hHero bets 70, Villain raises to 210. Hero?
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Poker Player Who Dropped Out of Med School to Make $23,000 a Year Grinding the WSOP Circuit Beginning to Have Second Thoughts
A poker pro who currently grinds the WSOP Circuit for $23k a year ponders whether skipping medical school was the best choice. — read more »
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