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Ep 151 - Alec Torelli

Host Steve Fredlund interviews Alec Torelli chatting about many topics, with some focus on playing small/mid pairs from early/mid position. Check out these links from Alec: Hand Reading System = Preflop Charts = How to Prepare for Tournaments = Learn more about Alec = The video is also available at the RecPoker YouTube channel -

Ep 150 - Hands from the Fall Poker Classic

Chris Jones and John Somsky, two of our core panelists, ran deep in early events of the Fall Poker Classic. Chris brings with a couple of interesting hands from his deep run that he wants to discuss with the crew, including the impact of ICM implications. John also had an interesting ICM spot which we chat about as well. Joining Chris and John are Rob Washam and Steve Fredlund for this discussion. The video is also available at the RecPoker ...

Ep 149 - Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is one of the greatest players in the history of poker; he is the host of the DAT Podcast and is currently highlighting his poker Masters Class. Our community had a great time chatting with Daniel and getting insights into a number of things such as playing small/mid-pairs from early/middle position, GTO vs. exploitive play, and much more.

Ep 148 - Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little is a player, coach, author, and entrepreneur who takes some time out to talk with Steve and the crew about playing against limpers in low buy-in tournaments. If you want to participate in these interviews, become a member through

Ep 147 - Content Sampler

In this episode, we share a few highlights from four of the most recent content videos available to RecPoker community members. These include hand histories facilitated by Chris Jones, “Hands by Jake” from Jake Mason, Book Study of Andrew Brokos’ “Playing Optimal Poker”, and hand history facilitated by Taylor Maas. We also touch briefly on the launch of rec(dot)poker, our new website home which includes access to our new membership site. You can watch the video at:

Ep 146 - Matt Hamilton Ax Suited From Blinds

Matt Hamilton is a wonderful young player with about $275,000 in Hendon Mob earnings. Matt has been with us in the past and his great, methodical way of teaching has been very well received. In this episode Matt discussing playing Ax suited from the blinds, sharing his perspectives on key considerations and the differences of big vs. small blind play. The Panel also discusses the new membership site at - you can get the first month free if you ...

Ep 145 - Free Poker Network (FPN) Crushers

Joining the show this week are four Free Poker Network (FPN) champions to chat about what FPN is, the benefits of playing in FPN, and how to approach improving your play to move from free bar leagues to playing in casinos, including cashing in the WSOP Main Event as Joel Smith did. Joel Smith, Nels Peterson, Chris Nelson, and Jake Stringfellow are all accomplished FPN players who took time away to join host Steve Fredlund as well as RecPoker Core ...

Ep 144 - Steve Fredlund & the RecPoker Vision

Steve Fredlund is the host of the RecPoker podcast but not a big fan of talking about himself. Well, because of a guest cancelation, Steve decides to give the audience what they want, a bit more information about who this guy is. After sharing a brief bit of his story, Steve focuses on a clear communication of the vision of RecPoker to become a “Vibrant & Encouraging Poker Learning Community.” What does that mean for RecPoker and what does it ...

Ep 143 - Andrew Brokos - Facing Limpers

Andrew Brooks is a professional poker player, author, blogger, coach, and host of the “Thinking Poker” podcast. He was on the RecPoker podcast episode #130 and is back by popular demand. His recent book, “Play Optimal Poker” has received great reviews and we are honored to have him on our show. In this episode we chat about facing limpers, which is one of the most commonly raised questions too our podcast. We also talk a bit about having our own ...

Ep 142 - The Future of RecPoker

The RecPoker podcast has seen tremendous growth over the past year, thanks to our listeners, guests, and others who have been supporting and encouraging. What we are most excited about is our role in building the poker community, connecting recreational players who love to learn in a positive and encouraging environment; and now we want to do more of that. Host Steve Fredlund has built a dream team with seven other recreational players to lead the development and creation of ...

Ep 141 - Greg Raymer

WSOP Main Event Champion Greg Raymer joins Steve Fredlund, John Somsky, and Rob Washam to chat about his background and some strategy. The interview occurred in May but as the “Women in Poker” series continued to expand, we didn’t want to disrupt the flow so decided to hold off releasing the interview with Greg until early August. This is also available on YouTube at the link below, but Greg was unable to use the video system, so he does not ...

Ep 140 - Tommy Angelo part 2

Tommy Angelo joins the podcast to talk about his background and insights; talk was so good we had to split into two parts. Enjoy! You can also watch on YouTube at

Ep 139 - Tommy Angelo part 1

Tommy Angelo joins the podcast to talk about his background and insights; talk was so good we had to split into two parts. Enjoy!

Ep 138: Matt Matros

Matt Matros a professional poker player and author from Brooklyn, New York, who has won three World Series of Poker events. Matt has a Bachelor of Science degree from Yale University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College. He is the author of the book “The Making Of A Poker Player: How An Ivy League Math Geek Learned To Play Championship Poker. You can watch the video at

Ep 137: Women in Poker part 6: Kasey Lyn Mills

Kasey Lyn Mills is the newest host of the Thirst Lounge and also hosted Stones Live. She is an avid Texas Hold ‘em player, primarily cash, and has some great perspectives on women in poker. You can follow her on Twitter of Instagram with handle @pokermommAA. This is also available on Video at the RecPoker YouTube Channel

Ep 136 - Women in Poker part 5: Sarah Herring, Katie Stone, Maureen Bloechlinger

Sarah Herring, Katie Stone, Maureen Bloechlinger share their perspectives on women in poker. Host Steve Fredlund is joined by John Somsky & Rob Washam for this continued discussion. This episode is also available on video at

Ep 135 - Women in Poker part 4: Jen Shahade

This week, we continue our conversation about women in poker. Steve Fredlund and John Somsky chat with Jen Shahade, great poker and chess player about her perspectives. You can watch the video at

Ep 134: Women in Poker part 3: Daiva Byrne

Daiva Byrne stops by the podcast to offer her thoughts on women in poker. Follow her on twitter @baltic_blonde You can also watch the video at:

Ep 133: Women in Poker part 2: Eileen Sutton

Eileen Sutton was a fixture in the New York underground poker scene, being coached and influenced by the likes of Matt Matros, Ed Miller and Tommy Angelo. Her article, "Poker for Girls" is an excellent read by this author of novels, memoirs & short-stories; she also wrote "The Total Poker Manual." She has written several blogs and appeared on many podcasts. We asked her to specifically chat about women in poker as we continue that series. Also available on ...

Ep 132: Women in Poker part 1: Lexy Gavin & Tiffany Lee

We start the discussion about women in poker with Charity Series of Poker (CSOP) Vice-President Lexy Gavin and Tiffany Lee.

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