Ep 088 - Mike Schneider again - Pt. 2

Host Steve Fredlund continues his conversation with Minnesota Poker Hall of Famer Mike Schneider, who is founder of the Poker is Fun Tour, which has three events coming up July 20-22. Details at piftpoker.com or twitter @piftpoker. You can follow Mike also at @schneidspoker on Twitter.

Ep 087 - Mike Schneider again - Pt. 1

Ep 087 - Mike Schneider again - Pt. 1 by Steve Fredlund

Ep 086 - Sara Herring & Vegas Recap

Host Steve Fredlund recaps briefly his trip to the WSOP in Vegas and then shares his interview with Poker News reported Sarah Herring, known as @auntychardonnay on Twitter.

Ep 085 - Alec Torelli

Host Steve Fredlund interviews Alec Torelli, who is a poker coach as well as a speaker about life, poker, and the intersection of them. You can find out more at alectorelli.com.

Ep 084 - James "Splitsuit" Sweeney

Interview with James "Splitsuit" Sweeney from Red Chip Poker; you can find out more about them at what they offer at redchippoker.com

Ep 083 - Dr. Tricia Cardner

Dr. Tricia Cardner is a thought-leader in the area of achieving peak performance through mental preparation & awareness, specializing in helping poker players. She is a regular contributor to the RecPoker podcast with fantastic feedback, including a groundswell request for a full interview. So here it is folks! Enjoy and check out peakpokermindset.com and give her a follow @drtriciacardner

Ep 082 - Jordan Young

Host Steve Fredlund interviews Jordan Young, partner and instructor with the Solve for Why Academy - https://solveforwhyacademy.com/

Ep 081 - Gareth James

Host Steve Fredlund interviews British professional player, trainer & coach Gareth James who leads the MTT School.

Ep 080 - Jonathan Little part 2

Part 2 of Steve's discussion with poker player, coach & author Jonathan Little. Check out pokercoaching.com for more information about Jonathan's training & coaching.

Ep 079 - Jonathan Little part 1

Part 1 of 2 of the interview between host Steve Fredlund and Jonathan Little, who is an accomplished player, coach & author and leader pokercoaching.com

Ep 078 - Matt Berkey part 2

This is the second of two parts of an interview with poker professional Matt Berkey, one of the founders of the Solve for Why Academy, a poker training organization.

Ep 077 - Matt Berkey part 1

This is the first of two parts of an interview with poker professional Matt Berkey, one of the founders of the Solve for Why Academy, a poker training organization.

Ep 076 - No Limit Tournament Paradigm

I have been playing tournament poker recreationally for 6 years and feel like I have been learning strategy piecemeal as I have increased how much I play. However, I often feel like I’m lacking an overall approach to the game; like some of the tools I have in different situations are not really congruent with each other; like they don’t necessarily fit into an overall strategy -- and I am wired with a need to have an overall construct or ...

Ep 075 - Staking & Investing plus tipping

What are the various types of staking arrangements that are out there (for both pros & recreational players)? Have you personally had investors or invested in others (what types of arrangements)? What are the pros & cons? Any advice for less experienced recreational players who want to move up in stakes but don’t have the personal bankroll to do it? Ideas on financial support/backing to help make that happen? SIDE QUESTION: What is your approach to tipping after cashing tournaments?

Ep 074 - Luck

Bad beat stories are incredibly common in poker rooms everywhere, and many of us feel that others are luckier than others. How can we handle the luck factor in poker and our emotional response to that? What kind of advice do you give someone who consistently gets it in good in the biggest spots in tournaments, but seems to always lose?

Ep 073 - Post-flop bet sizing

Throughout our hand examples, we have heard a number of different thoughts about bet sizing post-flop, but I would like to dig a little bit into this directly. I know our pros prefer to address specific hand situations, but I would really like our listeners to be able to understand a bit more of the strategic theory behind bet sizing on the flop. Let's assume blinds are 100/200 and we all have at least 10,000 chips (50 big blinds). We ...

Ep 072 - Pre-flop bet sizing at a loose table

In prior episodes we have talked about bet sizing to open pots including the potential of varying the size base on stage of tournament, position, and the adjustments for limpers. This question is specifically about the risk & reward of playing at loose tables early in tournaments. In many of the weekly tournaments I play ($100 or less), a raise to 2.5 to 3.5 big blinds invites 4-5 calls most of the time. In order to successfully steal blinds or ...

Ep 071 - Adjusting for fast, small buy-in tournaments

Many of the books, and even input from our resident pros, is within the context of a larger buy-in tournament which is generally much deeper stacked and longer blind levels. What are some the key things we need to bear in mind when considering input about those tournaments and how it translates to the small, weekly tournaments? These are tournaments where you perhaps start with 10,000 chips and face blind levels of 15-20 minutes. Although average stack should not be ...

Ep 070 - Steves Running Aces Pot O' Gold experience

Steve discuss his strategies going into the Pot O' Gold tournament at Running Aces which features 6 day 1 flights, buy backs, and an accumulator bonus. He discusses how to approach the end of day 1 depending on your overall strategy in the tournament, some general tournament strategies he is fine-tuning, and a specific hand or two from the tournament.

Ep 069 - Big stack end of day 1 & on bubble

In this episode we address a second question from rec player Don Dukate: When I have a decent stack nearing the bubble (bagging for day 2 or the money bubble), I think my play tends to become too loose/aggressive and I lose a lot (if not all) of my chips. Is this just a natural part of things or what things should I consider to see if I have a leak or am playing sub-optimally?

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