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Ep 109 - Chris "Fox" Wallace from iNinja talking about c-betting & resurrection

WSOP Bracelet winner Chris "Fox" Wallace chats with Steve, Stacey Nelson & Derek Smith about the upcoming iNinja Resurrection Tournament at Diamond Jo's on December 15th and then we tackle the tricky issue of determine our post-flop action as the pre-flop aggression. Do we check back or do we c-bet? What is the plan on the turn & river? This is also available on YouTube at

Ep 108 - Player Panel with Max, Matt, Ian & Alan

The core content this week is taken from the November 29th Player Panel webinar Q&A with Max Havlish, Matt Hamilton, Ian Matakis, and Alan Carty. The full 2-hour video is available through

Ep 107 - Steve's enhanced pre-flop ranges for phases 1 & 2

Host Steve Fredlund revisits his pre-flop ranges now that he has had time to collect input, feedback, and self-evaluation after using it for a few weeks. This episode clarifies the ranges, makes some adjustments to the bluff raise & value range hands, and streamlines how to determine the action. Further, Steve clarifies what is meant by phase 1 & 2 of the tournament and how to introduce volatility as we move from preservation to expansion.

Ep 106 - 5 Ways to Destroy Tournament Results

Steve takes a breather from talking about his preflop ranges to give him time to implement them and make changes after using them live. Instead, Steve reviews and summarizes a video from Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald which discusses the 5 ways we can destroy our tournaments. This is also the first week the podcast is available via video; you can check it out on YouTube at

Ep 105 - "Approaching a Tournament" summary & simplified pre-flop strategy

The first RecPoker Training seminars were held on November 10 so Steve takes some time to summarize the key takeaways; including insights from Matt Hunt of the Solve for Why Academy. There are three strategic incentives that are considered (ICM, volatility & Future Skill Edge) and 6 tournament stages (preservation, expansion, bubble, consolidation, leveraging & closing it out). Also, Steve continues simplifying his pre flop strategy, making it much easier to remember and implement. Please provide feedback to [email protected]; also ...

Ep 104 - Strategy Rebuild - Part 12 - Complete Pre-flop Summary

Steve summarizes all the pre-flop ranges to date with (hopefully) clarified language and approach. With the help from feedback of RecPoker Nation, this will get some final adjustments and then written up into a blog or article for easier consumption. Feedback welcome!

Ep 103 - Strategy Rebuild - Part 11 - Preflop with Raise Before

With opening ranges by position solidified (for early in a tournament with no action in front) and adjustments for when there is at least one limper in front of him, Steve now looks at adjustments where there is a single raise in front. After this episode, Steve has a general structure for most preflop scenarios which he will run past RecPoker Nation and then share a final adjusted set of strategies in the future. Steve also takes some time at ...

Ep 102 - Strategy Rebuild - Part 10 - Response to Limpers

With opening ranges by position solidified (for early in a tournament with no action in front), Steve now addresses his approach when there are limpers in front of him, and how that changes his action. He shares his initial thoughts, reactions from players, and then his revised approach; trying to balance strategic optimization and ease of implementation. Steve also takes some time at the end of the podcast to discuss in detail the launch of and scheduled events.

Ep 101 - Strategy Rebuild - Part 9 - Reactions to Opening Ranges

Last week, Steve shared where he landed with his opening hand ranges during the first phase of an MTT. Today, we look at some of the feedback in response to that and considerations for adjustment.

Ep 100 - Strategy Rebuild - Part 8 - Opening Ranges in Preservation Phase

It has taken 8 weeks of a winding journey, but in this 100th episode, Steve shares his current default opening hand ranges for the first phase of an MTT tournament ("Preservation" phase). Steve also announces the launch of and 3 available programs (monthly seminars, email coaching, and results analytics).

Ep 099 - Strategy Rebuild - Part 7 - Berkey on GTO

This week Steve summarizes & reviews a portion of a paid webinar from Matt Berkey of the Solve for Why Academy. This portion focuses on the shortcomings of GTO and how we can reframe our understanding of GTO to fit into an appropriate poker strategy. Support by following @recpoker, FB group RecPoker and financially through

Ep 098 - Strategy Rebuild - Part 6 - GTO Preflop Sources

Week 6 of building Steve's strategy from scratch. Unable to find much about GTO preflop, Steve asks where we can get some GTO preflop hand ranges. Turns out there is more available than Steve realized, and Jonathan Little, Rob Washam & Mike Engelhaupt chime in with their thoughts. Support by following @recpoker, FB group RecPoker and financially through

Ep 097 - Strategy Rebuild - Part 5 - UTG

Week 5 of building Steve's strategy from scratch. We look at the remaining questions about reacting to 3-bets, bet sizing, and limping under-the-gun. Good insight from Mike Schneider, Jonathan Little, Kenna James and several of our recreational players. Support by following @recpoker, FB group RecPoker and financially through

Ep 096 - Strategy Build - Part 4 - GTO vs Exploitative

Week 4 of building Steve's strategy from scratch... but something happened along the way; it's GTO. Realized I need a better understanding of what we are talking about with GTO vs. Exploitative so we take a side trip down that road, with input from Jonathan Little, Chris "Fox" Wallace, and Kenna James as well as others. Support by following @recpoker, FB group RecPoker and financially through

Ep 095 - Strategy Build - Part 3 - UTG Range

Week 3 of building Steve's strategy from scratch, providing insights for all players to assess their own current strategies. This week we talk about how many different ranges we should have by position, and then specifically ask about how many hands we should play Under the Gun. Pro insights include submitted audio from Jonathan Little, Kenna James, & Mike Schneider..

Ep 094 - Strategy Build - Part 2 - Deep Stack Size

Week 2 of building Steve's strategy from scratch, providing insights for all players to assess their own current strategies. This week we talk about how many big blinds is considered "Deep Stack" where we have all our options available to us. Pro insights from Jonathan Little, Kenna James, Mike Schneider, Hunter Cichy, and Chris "Fox" Wallaces

Ep 093 - Strategy Build - Part 1 - Playing Style

Brand new series starts with the RecPoker community of professional & recreational players giving insight to building Steve's strategy, which also gives insights for all players to assess their own current strategies. This first part focuses on what overall strategy should be used when just starting to build. Great discussion about GTO & exploitive, passive & aggressive, and tight & loose. Pro insights include Jonathan Little, Kenna James, Jordan Young, Mike Schneider and Hunter Cichy.

Ep 092 - Sheree Bykofsky

Host Steve Fredlund interviews Sheree Bykofsky, poker player and author of "The Kaizen of Poker" -- you can follow her on Twitter @shereebykofsky

Ep 091 - Kenna James

Host Steve Fredlund and Stacey Nelson sit down once again with Kenna James, co-host of the Heartland Poker Tour television broadcast and fantastic player & coach.

Ep 090 - Fox & The INinja Resurrection

Host Steve Fredlund sits down once again with WSOP bracelet winner Chris "Fox" Wallace to discuss some strategy pieces, like the keys to running deep in big field tournaments. Fox also shares an exciting announcement about his latest poker tournament ventures... and of course we chat a bit about his emerging photography hobby. Good stuff with one of the good guys of poker. Follow on Twitter at @ininjapoker and @ininjoke -- you can also follow Fox @foxpokerfox.

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