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Ep 313 - Chat: John Somsky on AnteUp, RecPoker, and his love of games!

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John Somsky is the Home Games Director for RecPoker and the Minnesota Ambassador for AnteUp Magazine. John is a true historian of the game, having played many variants and listened to about every poker podcast during his entire life in poker. Not only is he deeply knowledgeable in the game, history, personalities and industry, John is widely considered, "The Nicest Guy in Poker", a label initially given him by WSOP Bracelet winner Chris "Fox" Wallace. In this episode we hear more about John's story and his passion for the game. John is active on Twitter as @pokergeekMN We also go over this week's home game results and discuss these topics: WPT/RecPoker Tourney - rec.poker/wpt WSOP roadtrip - rec.poker/roadtrips/ RecPoker Staking -rec.poker/staking/
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