Episode 262: Barney Boatman (feat. Josh Miller and Eric Keppler)

Barney Boatman was a professional poker player in London before the poker boom. As a member of the Hendon Mob, he played in “spielers” and in tournaments across Europe. Andrew talks to him about England’s pre-boom poker scene, living in Madrid, and his contribution to the new poker-themed short fiction collection He Played For His ... Read moreEpisode 262: Barney Boatman (feat. Josh Miller and Eric Keppler)

Episode 261: Andrew Runs Deep

Nate and Andrew discuss key hands from Andrew’s 13th place finish in the $2500 no-limit hold ’em WSOP event. Timestamps 0:30 hello 10:56 strat Strategy Hand 1 On the bubble, CO (16K) opens to 5k. Hero calls T9dd in the BB. Flop (13K) AQJd. Hero checks, Villain bets 5k, Hero calls. Turn (23K) 6. Both ... Read moreEpisode 261: Andrew Runs Deep

Episode 260: WSOP Live 2018

Nate got barely 72 hours in Las Vegas this summer, but he was kind enough to spend a few of them recording with Andrew and Carlos in his Gold Coast hotel room. The three talk about their summer plans, the dealer’s choice event, and all of the delightful weirdos in Las Vegas. Timestamps 0:30 – ... Read moreEpisode 260: WSOP Live 2018

Episode 259: Christian Holden

Christian Holden is a professional musician and poker player who lives in an anarchist collective in Worcester, Massachusetts. In this in-person interview, he and Andrew discuss his music, his poker, his politics, and the staking deal he almost had with Martin Shkreli. Plus they talk about game theory and deep-stacked no-limit poker strategy! You should ... Read moreEpisode 259: Christian Holden

Episode 258: Fake News with Zach Elwood

Zach Elwood is the author of Reading Poker Tells, Verbal Poker Tells, and Exploiting Poker Tells. Our first interview with him was on Episode 14. He’s quoted in this New York Times article (Edit: and this Washington Post article) about fake Facebook accounts. You can read his Top 7 Signs a Facebook Account is Fake. ... Read moreEpisode 258: Fake News with Zach Elwood

Episode 257: Gareth Chantler on Canada’s Missing Syrians

Thinking poker legend Gareth Chantler recently published a major exposé of flaws in Canada’s refugee approval process. He discusses the piece, which was the product of years of research, as well as his work more generally with the Syrian community in Turkey. Gareth is also raising money to bring one Syrian family in particular to ... Read moreEpisode 257: Gareth Chantler on Canada’s Missing Syrians

Episode 256: Sameer Singh

Sameer Singh grew up playing chess and teen patti, and he quickly became one of the sharpest rounders at the National Law School of India. This wide-ranging conversation covers everything from cuisine and literature to the Irish Open to overlimping the button off of a 12bb stack. Timestamps 0:30 – NOT hello and welcome 52:33 ... Read moreEpisode 256: Sameer Singh

Episode 255: Bet That Set!

Nate and Andrew talk strategy for BB Ante tournaments, play a round of “Underrated or Overrated”, and discuss two hands where players flop sets and end up facing tough decisions later. Timestamps 0:30 – hello 8:08 – strategy Strategy Hand 1 Effective stack: 22K Blinds: 300/600, 100 ante I was under the gun with pocket ... Read moreEpisode 255: Bet That Set!

Episode 254: Berk Brown

Berk Brown has spent decades in the world of poker and seen it from the perspective of a floorperson, a dealer, and a professional player. He’s full of great anecdotes and insights about staking, longevity (of games, rooms, and professional careers), game integrity, and more. You can follow Berk on Twitter @BerkBrown, and you can ... Read moreEpisode 254: Berk Brown

Episode 253: Bryan Devonshire

Bryan is a long-time professional poker player who, like many, has expanded into daily fantasy sports and cryptocurrencies, but unlike many, has also expanded into river guiding. He works for AVA Colorado Rafting, and he recommends Dam Nation, Cadillac Desert, and Down the Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @devopoker! Timestamps 0:30 Hello & Welcome 4:15 Bryan Devonshire

Episode 252: Josh Nixon

Josh Nixon was a student in the Boston Debate League when Andrew was the director. In the years since then, he’s been a serious Magic: The Gathering player is now taking an interest in poker. In this interview, he talks about the difficulty of being a smart kid in a not-particularly-challenging school, how debate and ... Read moreEpisode 252: Josh Nixon

Episode 251: Helen Ellis

Helen Ellis is a proud housewise and poker player and the author of the novels Eating the Cheshire Cat and The Turning Book, the short fiction collection American Housewife, and the What I Do All Day Twitter account. Her poker playing was featured in this New York Times article. Timestamps 0:30 Hello & Welcome 3:47 ... Read moreEpisode 251: Helen Ellis

Episode 250: Dick Carson Part 3

This is the conclusion of our epic three-hour interview with living legend Dick Carson (Part 1, Part 2), featuring stories from his pool hustling days and memories of Frank Rosenthal. Timestamps 0:30 Hello 4:07 Strategy 29:45 Dick pt iii Strategy 2/5 NL. My Stack is about 770 and all players involve cover. Two limps and ... Read moreEpisode 250: Dick Carson Part 3

Episode 249: Dick Carson, Part 2

This is a continuation of our massive interview with Dick Carson (Part 1 here). In this episode, you’ll hear stories about the Binions, Bobby Baldwin, Chip Reese, Anthony Spilotro, and more. Thanks to John the Lawyer for all his help both before and during the interview! And thanks to Gordon Wilcox and the Tip Tap ... Read moreEpisode 249: Dick Carson, Part 2

Episode 248: Dick Carson, Part 1

Dick Carson is an old-school gambler, pool hustler, bookie, and poker player. He’s also a hulluva storyteller and a helluva nice guy. Nate, Andrew, and John the Lawyer sit down with him to talk about the best poker players you never heard of, the early days of the World Series of Poker, handicapping by hand, ... Read moreEpisode 248: Dick Carson, Part 1

Episode 247: Maria Konnikova

Maria Konnikova is a contributing writer for the New Yorker and the author of The Confidence Game and Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes. You can read more and keep up with her latest work on her website, on Twitter, or on Instagram. Timestamps 0:30 Strategy 31:46 Maria Konnikova Strategy This hand is from ... Read moreEpisode 247: Maria Konnikova

Episode 246: Guess We’re Talking Strategy

It’s one strategy segment… followed by another strategy segment, after an interview needs to be rescheduled. Nate and Andrew discuss playing from the Small Blind and playing tricky hands like top pair with a bad kicker. Timestamps 0:30 hello 9:35 strat 51:43 extra strat Strategy Hand 1 – 3/5 NL Couple of limps, CO raises ... Read moreEpisode 246: Guess We’re Talking Strategy

Episode 245: Carlooser

Carlos Welch is back to talk about his decision to get coaching from Ryan “Protential” LaPlante and the new, looser style of play with which he’s been experimenting as a result. Timestamps 0:30 – hello 34:19 – strat Strategy Hand 1 Hand 2 Hero opens to $35 with 8d 7d UTG, called by MP and ... Read moreEpisode 245: Carlooser

Episode 244: Ryan Click

Ryan Click is a former professional poker player who now works in sales in the space/aerospace industry (and still plays a lot of poker!). We talk about the future – and present – of space exploration, the importance of a dedicated bankroll for amateur players, overcoming alcohol addiction, and much more. Timestamps Intro: 0:30 Interview: ... Read moreEpisode 244: Ryan Click

Episode 243: Jamal Hanson

Jamal Hanson introduces us to a high-stakes poker game we knew nothing about… because it’s played behind bars. Jamal, who graduated college at 16 but ultimately landed him in prison for selling crack cocaine, talks about learning to play, landing a whale, winning the tacit approval of the warden, and sorting out the logistics of ... Read moreEpisode 243: Jamal Hanson

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