You have come to the right place if you are currently deciding if a PokerGO subscription is for you.

Not only are we offering an annual subscription to the streaming platform at 15% off the sticker price, we have put together this guide to help you decide if you should part with your hard-earned cash in the first place.

Firstly, PokerGO offers unparalleled coverage of the World Series of Poker. For the 2023 WSOP series PokerGO streamed 47 live broadcasts, along with live coverage of the Main Event, plus 30 gold bracelet events. If you are a fan of the WSOP, then PokerGO is the subscription you need to get all the action straight to your device as you can watch the WSOP any time of the year.

Speaking of devices, PokerGO is compatible with iPhones, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and iPads. You can also cast PokerGO directly from your mobile device to your TV. Having such versatile compatibility with all devices is great for watching PokerGO whenever and wherever you want.

What is PokerGO?

PokerGO is a dedicated streaming platform just for poker lovers. Subscribers can get access to exclusive poker shows and poker live streams 24/7 straight to their device. PokerGO is the only streaming platform that offers just a depth and breath of new and retro poker shows.

PokerGO Tour Updates 2023

PokerGO have released their streaming schedule for the second half of the 2023 season.

New dates have been released for:

  1. PGT Super High Roller Bowl
  2. PGT PLO Series
  3. PGT Last Chance Series
  4. PGT Championships

PLO lovers will be in for a treat in October, 2023.

The Super High Roller Bowl PLO, the $100k high roller tournament that was previously scheduled for to run at the end of October, has now been moved up to October 16 — across a three day tournament.

PokerGO plans to live stream the final two days of the the PLO Super High Roller Bowl giving fans, a glimpse of all the high stakes action.

Fans of Pot Limit Omaha, should watch out for the PGT PLO Series, which will include a total of 10 tournaments. It will include variants like

  1. PLO Bounty
  2. PLO Progressive Bounty
  3. 5-Card PLO
  4. PLO Hi-Lo
  5. PLO Dealer’s Choice

The first edition of the PGT PLO Series attracted more than 1000 entries in total, and spread more than $10,000,000 in prize money around, with even higher numbers expected for the 2023 edition.

PGT Last Chance

PGT Last Chance is a new mini-series added to the PGT schedule for Season 3.

It will act as the final opportunity for players to qualify for the PGT Championship and save their year with a big win.

PokerGO has not yet announced the exact details on the events that will run as part of the series, but it is clear that there will be six events in total, one running each day of the festival.

PGT Championship Moved to January 9

The PGT Championship will start on January 9, bringing together the most successful players of the whole season.

The $1,000,000 prize pool will be distributed among the final table finishers, with a grand prize of $500,000 reserved for the eventual champion.

PokerGo Tour Schedule 2023

When Event
14-Sep Poker Masters Event #1: $10,000 NL Hold’em
15-Sep Poker Masters Event #2: $10,000 NL Hold’em
16-Sep Poker Masters Event #3: $10,000 NL Hold’em
18-Sep Poker Masters Event #4: $10,000 NL Hold’em
19-Sep Poker Masters Event #5: $10,000 NL Hold’em
20-Sep Poker Masters Event #6: $10,000 NL Hold’em
21-Sep Poker Masters Event #7: $25,000 NL Hold’em
22-Sep Poker Masters Event #8: $25,000 NL Hold’em
23-Sep Poker Masters Event #9: $25,000 NL Hold’em
25-Sep Poker Masters Event #10: $50,000 NL Hold’em
26-Sep ARIA High Roller #12: $25,000 NL Hold’em
27-Sep ARIA High Roller #13: $25,000 NL Hold’em
28-Sep $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl VIII
5-Oct PGT Mixed Games II Event #1: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E.
6-Oct PGT Mixed Games II Event #2: $10,000 Big Bet Mix
7-Oct PGT Mixed Games II Event #3: $5,000 10-Game Mini Championship
9-Oct PGT Mixed Games II Event #4: $10,000 8-Game
10-Oct PGT Mixed Games II Event #5: $10,000 Triple Stud Mix
11-Oct PGT Mixed Games II Event #6: $10,000 Dealer’s Choice
12-Oct PGT Mixed Games II Event #7: $10,000 Triple Draw Mix
13-Oct PGT Mixed Games II Event #8: $25,000 10-Game Championship
14-Oct PGT Mixed Games II Event #9: $5,000 NL 2-7 Single Draw
16-Oct $100,000 Super High Roller Bowl PLO
19-Oct PGT PLO Series II Event #1: $5,000 PLO
20-Oct PGT PLO Series II Event #2: $7,500 PLO Bounty
21-Oct PGT PLO Series II Event #3: $10,000 PLO
22-Oct PGT PLO Series II Event #4: $15,000 PLO Progressive Bounty
23-Oct PGT PLO Series II Event #5: $10,000 PLO
24-Oct PGT PLO Series II Event #6: $10,000 PLO Dealer’s Choice
25-Oct ARIA High Roller #14: $10,000 PLO
26-Oct ARIA High Roller #15: $10,000 PLO
27-Oct PGT PLO Series II Event #7: $10,000 PLO
28-Oct PGT PLO Series II Event #8: $10,000 PLO Hi-Lo
29-Oct PGT PLO Series II Event #9: $25,000 PLO Championship
30-Oct PGT PLO Series II Event #10: $2,000 5-Card PLO
6-Nov WSOP Europe #8: €25,000 GGMillion€
9-Nov WSOP Europe #12: €50,000 NLH Diamond High Roller
10-Nov WSOP Europe #13: €10,000 Main Event
27-Nov ARIA High Roller #16: $10,000 NL Hold’em
28-Nov ARIA High Roller #17: $10,000 NL Hold’em
29-Nov ARIA High Roller #18: $10,000 NL Hold’em
30-Nov ARIA High Roller #19: $10,000 NL Hold’em
5-Dec WSOP Paradise #3: $25,000 GGMillion$ High Rollers Championship
7-Dec WSOP Paradise #5: $10,000 PLO High Roller
8-Dec WSOP Paradise #7: $50,000 Super High Roller
9-Dec WSOP Paradise #9: $100,000 Ultra High Roller
13-Dec WSOP Paradise #13: $10,000 PLO Championship
14-Dec WSOP Paradise #15: $10,000 NLH High Roller 6-Max
2-Jan PGT Last Chance Event #1: TBD
3-Jan PGT Last Chance Event #2: TBD
4-Jan PGT Last Chance Event #3: TBD
5-Jan PGT Last Chance Event #4: TBD
6-Jan PGT Last Chance Event #5: TBD
7-Jan PGT Last Chance Event #6: TBD
9-Jan PGT Championship

PokerGO Shows

PokerGO has a plethora of top poker shows to keep you occupied all year round. The on-demand poker shows available are vast and include shows such as:

  1. Poker After Dark
  2. PokerGO Cup
  3. US Poker Open
  4. High Stakes Duel
  5. Dolly’s Game
  6. Conversations with Phil Ivey

Here we dig into the on-demand shows in a bit more detail:

High Stakes Duel

pokerGO high stakes duelThis show from PokerGO is pitted as a never-before-seen show, where stakes and rivalries are like no other.

In High Stakes Duel, the first round sees each player buy-in for $50,000, with the winner advancing to Round 2, where the loser has the option to challenge for a rematch. If the rematch is declined, the challenger seat is open for 30 days.

The stakes are set to double each round. By the time Round 8 is reached, a potential $12.8 million prize pool awaits the winner.

No Gamble, No Future

No Gamble, No Future is a cash game show from PokerGO featuring: Eric Persson, Jean-Robert Bellande, Patrick Antonius, Sean Perry, Lynne Ji, Maria Ho, Eli Elezra, Jimmy D’Ambrosio, Dylan DeStefano, Nick Schulman, Krish Menon, David Williams, Alan Keating, and “Boston” Rob Mariano. They will play a variety of stakes up to $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em with a $100,000 minimum buy-in.

High Stakes Poker

pokerGO high stakes poker on demand High Stakes Poker gives you a front-row seat to watch the world’s best players vie for millions of dollars — creating some of the most memorable moments in poker history.

Poker After Dark

Poker After Dark gives you an in-depth look at one table as it develops over a week of play. The world’s best players come together to play a single-table tournament or cash game to beat the best.

Poker Masters

pokerGO poker masters on demandWatch all the action from the Poker Masters, including final table replays, event recaps, and episodes. Relive how some of the top poker pros got their Poker Masters Purple Jacket.

The Championship Run

You can relive the hands that defined some of the poker world’s biggest wins on The Championship Run show, that is available on-demand.

Conversations with Phil Ivey

pokerGO conversations with Phil iveyBarry Greenstein and Phil Ivey, in conversation — what a duo! In the aptly named Conversations with Phil Ivey, the pair discuss a wide range of topics, from staying mentally sharp, life outside of the tables, poker players today, and their continued friendship.

PokerGO Cup

The PokerGO Cup began in 2021 and is held from inside the PokerGO Studio at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. You can watch all the action from this annual event that pulls big poker names such as 2021 winner Daniel Negreanu.

WSOP 2023

pokerGO wsop 2023 on demandWatch all the WSOP 2023 action via this on-demand show, or catch the live-stream schedule and watch as the action happens. Via this show, you can relive any of the Main Events or watch your favorite player go for WSOP gold.

WSOP Classic

Watch the WSOP throughout the years as it evolved from its early and humble beginnings to the behemoth that it is today.

US Poker Open

pokerGO us poker open on demandThe US Poker Open began in 2018 and is held from inside the PokerGO Studio at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, with action available via this on-demand show.

The series has crowned champions such as Justin Bonomo, Stephen Chidwick, David Peters, Ali Imsirovic, Bryn Kenney, Eli Elezra, Joe McKeehen, and Nick Schulman.

Super High Roller Bowl

The Super High Roller Bow* travels the globe, and you get a front-row seat without leaving the comfort of your home. With millions to play for, the Super High Roller Bowl attracts some of the biggest names in poker.

Dolly’s Game

pokerGO dollys game doyle brunson

Relive the magic that the dearly departed Doyle Brunson brings to mixed games on PokerGO with Dolly’s Game.

Is a PokerGO Subscription Worth The Cost?

PokerGO has three different subscription levels: month, 3 month, or annual. The monthly subscription costs $14.99, the 3-monthly option $24.99, and the annual comes in at $99.99.

Remember, during this summer, PokerGO is offering unparalleled coverage of the World Series of Poker — with over 45 days of live streams that will include coverage of all gold bracelet events. It really is the go-to platform for high-quality poker coverage — especially during the WSOP.

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As part of the annual PokerGO sub, you get the following:

  1. Access to 100+ days of live events & shows
  2. 24/7 access to all on-demand events & shows
  3. Exclusive access to WSOP, Poker After Dark, & High Stakes Poker coverage
  4. VIP promotions & poker merchandise discounts
  5. Savings of over 40% on the monthly sub

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PokerGO is the leading subscription streaming service for worldwide poker fans looking for top-notch commentary and shows.

PokerGo Promo Details
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PokerGO: The Only Place to Watch the World Series of Poker

Get your PokerGO subscription now stream all the World Series of Poker 2023 coverage.

Live streams for the 2023 WSOP began on PokerGo on June 1, 2023.

There was 47 days of live broadcast coverage streamed exclusively on PokerGO, including daily live coverage of the Main Event and 30 prestigious gold bracelet events for the 2023 Series.

WSOP events you can still watch PokerGO include:

  • $50,000 Poker Players Championship
  • $250,000 High Roller
  • WSOP Tournament of Champions
  • $1,500 Monster Stack
  • $1,000 Ladies Championship
  • Main Event Coverage

“PokerGO is delighted to offer live broadcast coverage of the World Series of Poker for another year and does so with our largest livestream offering ever,” said Mori Eskandani, President of PokerGO, via press release at the time the 2023 partnership between PokerGO and the WSOP was announced.

“We know how much the poker audience worldwide loves our game and, specifically, the WSOP. Our coverage of the 2023 WSOP will set a new standard in delivering poker to the global audience, as we will reach more fans than ever before, plus create new ones.”

In 2023 ex-Barstool sports commentator Ben Mintz will join the PokerGO and WSOP team for the summer.

PokerGO Subscription FAQ

How do I apply the POKERFUSE promo code?

PokerGO promo code sign up toggleApply the promo code at the checkout when signing up for an annual PokerGO subscription. You will see a toggle button on the right-hand side of the screen, just above where you confirm payment. Switch this toggle to green, and from there, you will be able to add the POKERFUSE PokerGO promo code.

Is the POKERFUSE PokerGO promo code valid on all subscription tiers?

The POKERFUSE promo code is only available on annual subscriptions.

What is the value of the PokerGO discount code?

We offer pokerfuse readers 15% off annual PokerGo subscriptions, reducing the price from $99.99 to $84.99.

What is PokerGO?

PokerGO is a premium subscription-based poker streaming platform that allows you to watch full poker coverage anywhere in the world.

The subscription works across all electronic devices, tablets, laptops, desktops, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android and iPhones — giving poker fans front-row seats to all the top action. Subscribers to PokerGo get:

Over 25 days of live poker broadcasts each year, including:

  • World Series of Poker
  • Super High Roller Bowl
  • Poker Masters
  • High Stakes Duel

pokerGO promo code subscription monthly discountSubscribers also receive 24/7 on-demand access to thousands of hours of shows.

What does a PokerGO subscription cost?

Without a discount code, an annual PokerGO subscription costs $99.99. With our POKERFUSE promo code, you will get 15% off this sticker price, bringing it down to $84.99 for 12 months of access. That comes out to only $7.09 a month!

Monthly and quarterly subscriptions are also available, but the promo code does not apply.

What shows are on PokerGO?

World Series of Poker (WSOP), High Stakes Duel, and Super High Roller Bowl are all featured with high-quality coverage. Other shows include:

  1. Poker After Dark
  2. PokerGO Cup
  3. US Poker Open
  4. High Stakes Duel
  5. Dolly’s Game
  6. Conversations with Phil Ivey

What devices work with PokerGO?

You can watch PokerGO on pretty much any smart device that has an internet connection:

  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. Android phone
  4. Android tablet
  5. Apple TV
  6. Roku
  7. Amazon Fire TV

You can also stream PokerGO on any web or mobile browser by going to

Do I need to download the PokerGO app?

pokerGO app google play store You don’t have to download the app; you can access PokerGO by any web browser. However, to make the streaming experience as smooth as possible, download the PokerGO app from the app store.

Can I watch the WSOP Main Event on PokerGO?

Yes, PokerGO is streaming all WSOP Main Event coverage, with shows on July 16 and July 17 showcasing the Final Table, Day 1 and 2. Once the Main Event is over, highlights are available on YouTube.

Will PokerGO broadcast the WSOP in 2024?

Although the schedule has not been released, we can expect that the WSOP and PokerGO will partner up for another year— bringing high-quality coverage to poker fans across the world?

Are PokerGO shows limited by country, or can I watch anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can watch PokerGO coverage anywhere in the world where you are connected to the internet, apart from in China.

Where is the PokerGO Studio?

The 10,000-square-foot studio is based in the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call the Virginia Council on Problem Gambling (VACPG) helpline at 1-888-532-3500