What US Online Poker Needs Next: Run It Once Launches in the US What US Online Poker Needs Next: Run It Once Launches in the US

The need for competitiveness has become increasingly evident in the ever-evolving landscape of US online poker. The market is largely dominated by three major operators — PokerStars, BetMGM, and WSOP.

While these platforms boast significant industry experience, the US online poker community needs fresh faces and innovative platforms to invigorate the gaming experience and address the evolving desires of players.

In this fourth installment of the series (see part one, part two, and part three), our attention turns to the eagerly anticipated entry of Run It Once Poker (RIO) in the US market, a platform envisioned by American poker pro, Phil Galfond, promises a unique perspective, armed with features that set it apart.

  • What It Is: Run It Once Poker opening its doors to US players
  • Why It Matters: To inject new competition
  • Who Owns RIO: Rush Street Interactive (RSI), one of the US leading igaming operators
  • Who Benefits: Players, the state, and the US online poker industry as a whole
  • Who Are the Current US Operators: PokerStars, WSOP/888, and BetMGM
  • Why Hasn’t It Happened Yet: RIO’s online poker product not ready yet
  • Likelihood of It Happening in 2024: 4.5/5
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What Needs to Happen?

The introduction of Run It Once Poker into the US market marks a crucial moment that could breathe new life and competition into the online poker scene. Founded by Galfond, a respected figure known for strategic expertise and dedication to the game, Run It Once Poker holds the potential to deliver a distinct and player-focused experience.

Having previously operated in the global market for nearly three years, the platform introduced innovations such as Splash the Pot, Dynamic Avatars, HeroIQ (a built-in HUD), SNG Select, and the Legends rewards program with up to 75% rakeback, which made it stand out from the crowd.

The platform has garnered attention for its innovative features and commitment to fairness, making it a promising addition to the US online poker landscape. Plus, the platform is now owned by Rush Street Interactive (RSI), a prominent iGaming operator with its flagship casino brand, BetRivers. This presents an exciting opportunity for cross-selling between online casino gaming, sports betting, and poker, enhancing the overall gaming experience for players in the US.

Why Is It Important?

There are several compelling reasons why the introduction of a new player like Run It Once Poker into the US online poker industry is of great significance.

  • Competition and Innovation: Increased competition among operators fosters innovation, leading to improved software, better promotions, and enhanced gaming experience for players. With Run It Once Poker joining the fray, players can anticipate a wider variety of game types, rewards, and tournaments, catering to diverse preferences within the poker community.
  • More Choices for Players: More online poker rooms provide players with a greater variety of options, including different game types, stakes, and tournament structures. This diversity can attract a broader range of players, meeting the preferences of different segments of the poker community. Run It Once Poker’s unique offerings, like the innovative SNG Select and a rewards program offering up to 75% rakeback, have the potential to inject new dynamics into the US online poker industry.
  • Industry Growth: With a new operator like RIO joining the US market, the online poker industry can contribute to industry growth by creating job opportunities, supporting software development, and generating revenue through taxes and fees. More online poker rooms could potentially stimulate economic activity in this sector.
  • Bigger Player Pool: A larger number of online poker rooms could contribute to a larger player pool, leading to more games and tournaments running at any given time. This can reduce wait times for players and provide a more dynamic and engaging environment.

Who Benefits?

The entry of Run It Once Poker into the US online poker scene unfolds many advantages across various fronts. Foremost, players are poised to reap the rewards of a fresh and dynamic gaming environment enriched by introducing innovative features that set RIO apart from the existing landscape.

States, too, find themselves in a favorable position as Run It Once Poker’s operations come under the purview of taxation. The influx of revenue generated from the platform can contribute to economic growth, providing states with additional resources to allocate toward essential services and public initiatives.

On a bigger scale, RIO Poker’s arrival can benefit the US online poker industry. Having a new and creative player makes the competition more exciting and adds variety to the industry. This mix of options encourages new ideas and growth as each poker site tries to be unique in a more lively market. When everyone aims for greatness, it improves the overall online poker experience for players everywhere, offering higher standards and more possibilities.

Some argue that having more online poker rooms could create a more favorable regulatory environment. With more stakeholders involved, increased lobbying efforts and advocacy for favorable regulations may benefit operators and players.

Why Hasn’t It Happened Yet?

The anticipation surrounding Run It Once Poker’s US launch is probably going through careful planning and getting everything ready before it officially starts. Under the new ownership of RSI, the operator is likely engaged in fine-tuning its online poker product, ensuring a seamless user experience and the robust performance of its software.

Moreover, the delay may also be attributed to addressing the limitations encountered during Run It Once Poker’s previous international venture. When it ran globally, the site spread only cash games, and it never got to launching multi-table tournaments or a dedicated mobile app. Perhaps it wants to ensure these products are ready for the US launch.

The operator is also likely to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, securing necessary licenses, and adhering to the specific regulations governing online poker in each jurisdiction — which may be causing the delay.

In summary, Run It Once Poker is taking its time to get everything right before it comes to the US, so players can expect a polished and top-notch poker experience when it finally arrives.

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When Will It Happen?

While an exact launch date remains speculative, we are optimistic about Run It Once Poker’s potential debut in the US in 2024, with New Jersey and Michigan emerging as the likely inaugural states with shared liquidity facilities. Rush Street Interactive’s website shows that its online poker product is coming soon.

Run It Once Poker US Coming Soon

There are also expectations for Run It Once Poker to go live in Delaware, where it has replaced 888 as the exclusive iGaming vendor for the Delaware Lottery. Despite RSI and the Delaware Lottery confirming plans to launch new online gaming sites and apps this winter, online poker won’t be part of the initial launch, and a specific timeline for its introduction hasn’t been disclosed.

RSI is already operating online casinos in four states — New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, the latter having recently joined the multi-state online poker compact. Licensing shouldn’t pose a significant hurdle as the operator already holds interactive gaming licenses in these states. However, authorization may be needed to launch multi-state online poker.

With the backing of RSI, RIO US Poker has the potential to challenge and reshape the US online poker industry, offering players a dynamic and innovative platform in an increasingly competitive market.