LGA Imposes "Sanctions" On Everleaf, Finds "Irregularities" in its Operation LGA Imposes "Sanctions" On Everleaf, Finds "Irregularities" in its Operation
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The Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, Everleaf Gaming’s primary regulator, published a short statement on Friday that its “Enforcement Unit” has issued sanctions against Everleaf Gaming Limited, its troubled licensee that withdrew from the US market in February.

The decision has come following an investigation which “emerged with a number of irregularities in their operation.” The network “is being monitored closely to ensure its operation respects Maltese law.”

The decision comes one month to the day that Everleaf banned players from the United States following the closure of a payment processor and seizure of over $27k by US authorities. Since that date, Everleaf has opened some lines of communication, issuing a public statement and emailing US customers with details on potential cashouts.

However, no player based in the United States has reportedly completed a successful cashout yet. Players outside the US have reported significant delays and unresponsive communication. Minted representative Neil Butterfield, who had been communicating with worried players on the poker forum 2+2, has chosen to cease responding with customers publicly.

The terse statement from the LGA today offers no additional information as to the sanctions imposed against Everleaf, nor the irregularities it has found. The LGA has been unavailable to comment previously to pokerfuse in regards to the concerning situation with its licensee. Despite clear issues in processing player withdrawals, the LGA has chosen at this time not to suspend or repeal its operating license.