PokerStars Zoom Comes Out of Beta, Goes Mobile

PokerStars’ fast-fold poker variant Zoom Poker has dropped the “beta” moniker and has been released on Android mobile clients.

The official release follows a four month testing period, and exactly two months of real money testing. Over 300 million hands were dealt during the beta period.

To celebrate its full release stature, Zoom is now also available on PokerStars Mobile for Android for all players on the dot.COM, dot.EU and play money dot.NET sites.

Android users will be prompted to update their software. Zoom can be found in the lobby alongside normal cash games and tournaments.

Zoom Poker, at least in No Limit, has proved to be very popular among players. An estimated one in four cash game hands played on the Internet is played on Zoom Poker, and with the rising popularity of mobile clients, this percentage can only be expected to rise.

There was no word on Mobile updates for iPhone or iPad users, or for players in the segregated markets of France and Italy, but iOS updates often lag behind Android given the verification procedure for all Apps in Apple’s App Store.

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