GGMasters and GGSeries Combine to Guarantee Over $3 Million in Cash and Prizes at GGPoker on Sunday GGMasters and GGSeries Combine to Guarantee Over $3 Million in Cash and Prizes at GGPoker on Sunday

Both experienced online poker players and those new to the game will want to check out GGPoker this Sunday as more than $3 million in prize money and tournament tickets is guaranteed to be given away on the site.

For starters, the flagship online poker series, GGSeries is currently running at GGPoker. Over the course of its three-week schedule which started last Sunday and runs until April 26, the Spring version of GGSeries guarantees to pay out at least $50 million in prize money.

The events are divided into four tiers: High Rollers, High, Mid and Low, with the buy-ins ranging from $1 to $5000, giving players with bankrolls of all sizes the opportunity to get in on the action.

In addition, there is an additional $300,000 in prize money that will be distributed to the top 100 players across the entire series via a Leaderboard competition. The prizes for this promotion range from $500 all the way up to $37,500 for the players that accumulates the most leaderboard points.

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GGMasters Sill Guaranteeing $500,000 Despite $70,000 Overlay Last Week

Following two weeks in March during which the GGMasters met its guarantee for the first time, GGPoker raised its guarantee to its current level of $500,000 for the March 29 running of the event.

However, in the two weeks since the total prize pool was boosted to half a million dollars, the online poker tournament provided players with loads of extra value as it recorded two of its three biggest overlays yet, including nearly $70,000 last week.

For those unfamiliar with what an overlay is, it is simply the amount of money that the online poker operator must add to the prize pool to award the guaranteed amount. Last week, the number of players that registered was not enough to build the guaranteed prize pool of $500,000, so GGPoker added nearly $70,000 to the prize pool.

Important Information About GGMasters

  • The tournament takes place every Sunday at 17:00 UTC (1pm ET)
  • The prize pool is guaranteed to be at least $500,000
  • The buy-in is $150
  • There are no rebuys or re-entries

More information about the GGMasters is available on our comprehensive GGMasters FAQ page.

How To Play GGMasters for Less Than the $150 Buy-In

Keeping the buy-in at $150 while continuing to boost the guarantee has made the GGMasters a popular choice for many online poker players. The appeal for new players is even greater considering that the tournament is played as a freezeout, meaning each player can only enter one time, unlike other big online poker tournaments that allow players to reenter after they have been eliminated.

GGPoker is also looking to help out players on a budget by providing them a chance to win their way into the event through satellites tournaments. Satellites to the GGMasters start as low as $1.50.

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Special Promotions at GGPoker

GGPoker regulary runs a wide variety of promotions for both new and existing. And while those promotions are currently available, the folks over at GGPoker are also using their resources to help fight the COVID-19 global pandemic.

During the operator’s High Roller Week online poker tournament series, players raised $50,000 which was matched by the parent company of GGPoker, NSUS. The $100,000 was donated to the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation to help:

  • Facilitate critical clinical trials
  • Support frontline staff providing care to the wider Toronto community
  • Put together a team of international experts to focus on finding rapid solutions to the global COVID-19 pandemic

For the millions of people relegated to their homes during this pandemic, GGPoker is holding #StayHome $100 Freerolls every hour, and there is no deposit required to play. Players can play in one of these special freerolls each day while they run.

In addition, GGPoker has discounted its tournament rake across the board to a maximum of 8%. High Rollers and Bounty tournaments have seen their fees slashed to just 5%.

GGSeries Schedule Highlights for This Weekend

Time(UTC) Tournament Name Buy-in GTD
12:00 GGS-H: $200 Starter $200 $75,000
12:00 GGS-M: $20 Starter $20 $30,000
12:00 GGS-L: $2 Starter $2 $4,000
13:30 GGS: $33 Sunday Special $33 $40,000
15:00 GGS: $55 Sunday Special $55 $75,000
16:00 GGS-HR: $2.5K $2,500 $150,000
16:00 GGS-H: $250 $250 $150,000
16:00 GGS-M: $25 $25 $30,000
16:00 GGS-L: $2.5 $2.5 $5,000
16:30 GGS: $88 Sunday Special $88 $100,000
17:00 GGMasters $150, $500K GTD $150 $500,000
17:00 GGS-HR: $5K Omaha Main Event $5,000 $150,000
17:00 GGS-H: $500 Omaha Main Event $500 $40,000
17:00 GGS-M: $50 Omaha Main Event $50 $12,500
17:00 GGS-L: $5 Omaha Main Event $5 $3,000
17:30 GGS: $210 Bounty Special $210 $150,000
18:00 GGS-HR: $5K Sunday Main $5,000 $300,000
18:00 GGS-H: $500 Sunday Main $500 $200,000
18:00 GGS-M: $50 Sunday Main $50 $100,000
18:00 GGS-L: $5 Sunday Main $5 $15,000
19:00 GGS: $1K $1,000 $100,000
20:30 GGS-Phased: $$250~$1K [Day2] $250~$1K $500K~$1M
21:00 GGS-High Roller: $5K $5,000 $200,000