Who Will Pull the Big Envelope in 888poker's Mystery Bounty Festival? Who Will Pull the Big Envelope in 888poker's Mystery Bounty Festival?

Someone is set to become $30k richer in an instant in 888poker’s Mystery Bounty Festival. Starting on March 17, the nine-day series features 26 numbered events plus a bounty of side events for players to sink their teeth into, and in every game, there will be envelopes to draw.

The Main Event features a big bounty of $30k along with two bounties of $12k, so at least a few people will leave the Main Event with fatter pockets and bigger smiles. Games range from $5.50 to $215, so there is something on the Mystery Bounty Festival schedule for every player.

And, as always, players can get into the games for cheap. Freebuy games for Main Event tickets are already running on the client along with freebuys and qualifiers to the $109 MB Festival Opening with $120k guaranteed.

2024 888poker Mystery Bounty Festival Top Games

Time Event Buy-In Guarantee
25.03.24 – 21:00 GMT $300,000 MB Festival #24 – Mystery Bounty Main Event (Day 2) $215 $300,000
17.03.24 – 19:00 GMT MB Festival #3 – Mystery Bounty Opening $109 $120,000
25.03.24 – 21:00 GMT $50,000 MB Festival #23 – Mystery Bounty Mini Event (Day 2) $25 $50,000
17.03.24 – 18:00 GMT MB Festival #2 – Mystery Bounty Opening Mid $55 $40,000
24.03.24 – 18:00 GMT MB Festival #19 – Mystery Bounty $55 $40,000

Big Prizes are a Mystery

Usually in poker tournaments, a player has to win the whole thing to make the most money. The new Mystery Bounty format often turns that on its head, awarding huge bounty prizes that often exceed first-place money.

Mystery bounty poker burst onto the scene as a big thing in the post-pandemic world and 888poker was the first online operator to jump in with both feet. In Sep of 2022, the operator was among the first online poker providers to offer up a mystery game with a highly successful Sunday test run that saw the guarantee smashed by 88%.

Since then, 888 pioneered the format in the segregated Ontario market a year ago and has generally gone all-in on the format. There are MB games littered across the regular MTT schedule with games starting as low as $1 and running throughout the day, as well as regular series with MB games as a crucial or exclusive part of the schedule. The operator was also the first in the industry to run a poker series dedicated to MBTs.

Excitement Builds for 2024 Edition

MB Festival Main Event LobbyTwo six-figure prize pools and more than 20 five-figure guarantees make this a very lucrative series and the big money is on the table from the start. The opening day features one of the two six-figure guarantees in the $120k MB Festival #3 – Mystery Bounty Opening featuring a $12k top bounty prize.

That makes $42,000 in top bounties between those two games and with more than a dozen games guaranteeing between $10k and $100k, there will be a lot of big bounty cash to be won. Among the other big games to watch out for is the $50k Mini Main Event for $25 — 1/8th the cost for 1/6th the guarantee of the full-size Main.

There are also two $40k guaranteed games for players to look forward to on Mar 17 and 24, as well as a $30k game on the 24th. There are multiple $15k, $12k, and $10k guarantees among the lot as well, so there is plenty of value to be had across the 9-day festival.

Perfect Stream On Content

The announcement for the Mystery Bounty Festival comes just days before the launch of 888poker’s latest contest. Stream On is a contest with a difference, however, with players taking their 888poker action live on stream in a battle to be the next member of the Stream Team.

That battle kicks off on March 16, just a day before the opening salvos are fired in the MB Festival on March 17. That gives the Stream On participants the perfect content to work with to kick the stream into high gear on day 2 after a setup day on the 16th.

To take down the Stream On prize, contestants will need more than just good poker. Streaming poker is not the same as playing it and personality and delivery play a huge part in streaming success, but crushing at the tables certainly helps the situation as well. And what better chance to crush at the tables than during a big festival with multiple events per day to choose from?

Get in for Less

As always, there are ways to get into the big-value games for less than the sticker price. Freebuy games are running in the client already with direct qualifiers to the Main Event for free and freebuy games to the $120k guaranteed Opening.

There is also a $2.20 sub-satellite to the $109 buy-in Opening and satellite players should watch the client for more chances to get into MB Festival games on the cheap.

There are actually four ways to get a Main Event ticket for a penny or less:

  1. Play daily freerolls for a chance to play the Mystery Bounty Main Event.
  2. Qualify via satellites to the Main Event for as little as $0.01.
  3. Win FREE tickets in our 888pokerTV, StreamTeam and Ambassador Giveaways
  4. Win FREE tickets in our 888poker Social Media Contests

As always, the final table of the Main Event will be live-streamed on 888pokerTV and there are more details with a full schedule available at the 888poker Magazine.