Late Registration SNGs, Cash Time Banks, Multi-Entry Tournaments Coming to iPoker Late Registration SNGs, Cash Time Banks, Multi-Entry Tournaments Coming to iPoker
Key Takeaways
  • Late registration and multi-registration tournaments to be available next month.
  • Time banks now available in cash games.
  • Late registration SNGs the most curious addition on the list.

iPoker's forthcoming poker client upgrade, planned to roll out during October, includes a slate of new features and a couple of online poker innovations, pokerfuse has learned.

Bringing the network up to speed with some major competitors, iPoker will soon spread re-entry tournaments. In re-entries, players can buy repeat entries into the same MTT if they bust out within a certain time period. Re-entry will be offered on certain freezeout tournaments.

Also to debut is the much rarer multi-entry tournaments (MET), currently unique to Full Tilt Poker. In METs, players can effectively multi-table the same scheduled tournament, playing multiple chip stacks at separate tables. If a player gets to the fortunate situation of playing more entries than the number of tables that remain, two chip stacks are combined into one.

Both tournament features will roll out on October 7, with MET available in a new “Euro Daily €1,000 GTD” freezeout tournament as well as a weekly money-added tourney, the “€500-Added Sunday Treat.”

Also on the feature list is time banks for cash games. Time banks have been available on iPoker for tournaments for a couple of years, and now players of cash games will have more time to make those trickier decisions. Though a standard option at the majority of online poker rooms, one interesting innovation is a new options menu—players can customize when to automatically use the timebank—always, manual only, or “pot dependent,” which will hit the timebank if the player has voluntarily put money into the pot.

Perhaps the most interesting addition in this client update is support for late registration in SNGs. There are few details on exactly how these will work, and on which SNGs they will be offered, other than that they’ll work similar to registration in scheduled tournaments. Full Tilt is the only poker room to offers something similar, which they title “On Demand Tournaments.”

iPoker has been rolling out new features on a regular schedule this year. It announced support for a more advanced VIP systems in April, added HU rematch and shootout tournaments among other additions in June, and caught attention with a new “heads up hogging prevention” feature for operators in July.

Its biggest change to date is its latest: a new HTML5 client which works on Android and iOS devices. It was quietly rolled out to two skins at the start of the month and is expected to roll out on more rooms soon.