Lock Poker Agrees to Expedited Cashouts for High Volume Player
Key Takeaways
  • High volume Lock Poker player negotiated a preferred cash out policy for raking $10k a month.
  • Lock’s cash out problems have now continued for over a year and it has been graded F in the PAS US Online Poker Payment Processing Report.
  • This catastrophic level of customer service cannot continue—the payment delays must end, or Lock Poker will end.

Lock Poker’s withdrawal delays have deterred former players from returning to the site, but one such player has published the conversation where Lock agreed to extend preferred cash outs if he raked $10k a month.

The specific player in question released a Skype conversation, published on ProfessionalRakeback.com, with Lock’s Shane Bridges. The player expressed his concerns about withdrawal times and said that he would regularly rake over $6k a month if he could get back to the site.

I really dont know how it works, but if u sat here and told me i would get 1-2 month [cashouts] if i raked 6k next month … im snap putting 5k-10k on lock.

According to the chat log, Shane received clearance to proceed with the deal: “I’ve been told that with your VIP status and playing history with our site if you can hit 10K a month I can guarantee a monthly payout for you.”

It is common for land based casinos to provide “comps” and preferential treatment to high stakes and high volume players, and during the conversation Shane and the player suggested that a similar rationale could be applied to cash out policies at Lock.

Shane Bridges did not respond to pokerfuse’s request for comment on whether the poker room has such a policy.

Lock’s cash out problems have now continued for over a year, despite repeated promises that all would be fixed within a few weeks. The Revolution Network skin has been graded F by the PAS US Online Poker Payment Processing Report but players in other countries have fared little better.

The Lock Poker “Vig Report” currently shows players selling their balances for 20c on the dollar in order to get access to their money. Any player with a special deal that provides short withdrawal times is at an enormous advantage.

Lock no longer has a sponsored support thread on 2+2. It created its own private forum for Lock players, with posting privileges restricted to players who had raked at least $100. Even then, strict moderation reduces the discussion and complaints about withdrawal problems.