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We discuss our upcoming AUPT in Reno and some legal woes for players out there. Plus, we have a big announcement.

Weekly Poker Hand #264

Hero flops an overpair…but then the opponent wants to put in lots of money. How do you play this dicey situation? If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to sign...(Visited 5 time, 5 visit today)

Mailbag Extravaganza! Hot Debates & Daniel’s “Offensive” Poll - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #44

We empty out the mailbag on this week’s episode. First off, the guys talk about Daniel’s twitter poll where people choose the better poker commentator. Mail topics (featuring new mail drops!) include but are certainly not limited to: Advice on going pro playing small stakes, Rocky or Karate Kid and other TV show related questions, where are they now and a few poker strategy questions! Leave us a voicemail for a future show at 1.775.434.2932

Ep 14 - Barstool Unionizing Drama, The 3 Most Annoying Things People Say At The Poker Table, and Recapping The Big 4 In Florida

This week on Cracking Aces we start off by recapping the "Big 4" in Florida and the players who won them. We then discuss the whole unionizing at Barstool situation and Scott Seiver's idiotic tweet about it. Finally, the boys break down the 3 most annoying things people can say at the poker table. And we cannot stress this enough, DON'T BE A CREEP TO DEALERS. It's a fast paced power hour of an episode, enjoy!

Poker Action Line 08/14/2019

Tournament wins by Jessica Dawley, Jason Mercier, and Jonathon Little highlight the action at the SHRPO in Hollywood. BIG Dave brings you several interviews from the property, included among them is a conversation with Matt Savage, who talks about the new recommendations for poker rules that came out of this summer's TDA Summit.

Mercier Wins $715,000, Ivey Back in Action, Pierce Joining Poker After Dark

On this episode of The Fives Poker Podcast, Lance and Donnie discuss Jason Mercier winning $715,000 with pocket fives, Ryan Eriquezzo scoring WSOP Circuit gold, Phil Ivey's return to the felt, and Paul Pierce getting in on the Poker After Dark entertainment.

The Bernard Lee Poker Show 08-13-19 with Guest Ryan Eriquezzo

2x Global Casino Champion Ryan Eriquezzo is Bernard Lee's guest.

Episode 84: Alex Fitzgerald (Re-Broadcast)

Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald joins Nate and Andrew to talk about his childhood in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, winning and losing a fortune, abusing drugs and getting clean, and his new life in Costa Rica. Alex Fitzgerald Alex Fitzgerald is ... Read more...

Bullets in the Southwest - Episode 158

Scottsdale, AZStakes $2/3 with a $300 max raise. Stacks: $350 EffectiveCO raises to $10, BU calls, Hero in SB raises to $40 with AsAc, CO calls, BU calls.$125 Flop KsQh5sHero bets $75, CO folds, BU calls$275 Turn 3dHero bets $100, BU calls$475 River QsHero?

Do Not Play Video Poker

This week’s episode of Tells includes Andrew’s reasons for not playing video poker. We chat about why table games maybe the preferred entertainment over poker. The post Do Not Play Video Poker appeared first on Tells Podcast.

How to do Poker Hand Reading | Podcast #250

Show Notes for this episode: Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker player, coach and author. Check out my YouTube Poker Training Channel Add my Alexa Skill to your Flash Briefing for daily 30-second poker tips Twitter @smartpokerstudy Instagram @smartpokerstudy

The Grid 013 ft. Chris Kruk – Ace-Jack Offsuit

High stakes tournament and cash game professional Chris Kruk enters the GRID to talk about a huge hand on Poker After Dark worth almost 200K. Kruk held ace-jack offsuit against previous GRID guest, Matt Berkey in a hand that teaches important lessons on c-betting in multiway pots, overbetting and mixed strategies. Chris talks to Jennifer...

Triton Takeaways, Marchington Main Event Lawsuit & More! - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #43

This week on DAT Poker Podcast: Adam begins by asking Daniel and Terrence about what youtube binges they’ve been on recently and Daniel talks some short deck strategy. The Triton Super High Roller series is over and the 1M Main Event was won by a fairly unknown “business man” Aaron Zang over Bryn Kenney. The guys talk about the final table and the chop heads up, as well as other news surrounding the events. 7th place finisher in the WSOP ...

August 9th, 2019 - Making Generalizations About Your Opponents and Some Strategy

On this episode of the Tournament Poker Edge Podcast, Clayton discusses the value in making some generalizations about your opponents at the poker table. He also covers some of the latest news and of course a bit of strategy!

Ante Up Poker Cruise and more

In an abbreviated show, Scott recaps the Ante Up Poker Cruise. Plus, we have a new O'Mally's Move.

PokerNews Podcast: Garry Gates

That's a wrap on the richest poker tournament in history. Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt recap the Triton Million on this episode of the PokerNews Podcast. They discuss Aaron Zang's win, Bryn Kenney's incredible run, and what that means for the all-time money list. Plus, Jeff has a seat on Poker After Dark for "Open Seat Week". The two chat about how Jeff is feeling prior to his PAD debut. Then, Sarah sits down for an in-depth, wide-ranging conversation with ...

Ep 141 - Greg Raymer

WSOP Main Event Champion Greg Raymer joins Steve Fredlund, John Somsky, and Rob Washam to chat about his background and some strategy. The interview occurred in May but as the “Women in Poker” series continued to expand, we didn’t want to disrupt the flow so decided to hold off releasing the interview with Greg until early August. This is also available on YouTube at the link below, but Greg was unable to use the video system, so he does not ...

Weekly Poker Hand #263

Hero made the correct decision as to whether or not to bet on the flop, but he used a wrong sizing. Don’t mindlessly bet half pot! If you enjoyed this...(Visited 36 time, 36 visit today)

Ep 13 - Million Dollar Tournaments, Bottom 3 Feelings At The Poker Table, And An Awesome Interview With Galen Hall

This week on Cracking Aces we start off by talking about a live tournament Nate played over the weekend and an old man at the table running an angle, albeit a hilarious one. That leads into a convo about the worst feelings at the poker table, what's up getting set over set! We then talk about Bryn Kenney being a badass in the million dollar tournament, plus the future of super high rollers, including a debate about if a poker ...

Poker Action Line 08/07/2019

BIG Dave and Joe talk about the Jeff Conine Charity event in conjunction with the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open and preview the "Big 4" events still to come. The guys also discuss the negative effects of the tip-shaming of players and bring up a couple of instances where errors by floor supervisors can create major problems.

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Our Lord Jesus Christ Reminds Nick Marchington That He Would Also Like 10% Of His Winnings
Inspired by a recent WSOP staking dispute, The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is also mulling a lawsuit that would demand Nick Marchington also pay Him the 10% He says he is owed. — read more »
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