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Cheating allegations in California

We use broad strokes to discuss the alleged cheating scandal that has hit the poker world in California.

Weekly Poker Hand #272

I test myself against the AI program PokerSnowie and get a little frisky with K-9o be 3-betting it from the small blind. How do you structure your preflop small blind...No visits yet

82. Semi-Professional Poker FT. Jules

Pete interviews semi-professional tournament player Jules about topics such as mental game struggles, staking deals, and how to balance poker with another profession.

Episode 163 – 10/10/2019 – Jamie Kerstetter

As advertised on ITV’s ‘The Chase’! James has been incredibly poorly, so was unable to spend last weekend at #LexLive (hence the absence of a full event recap). He also missed out on a screening of ‘Joker’, but Joe’s hot take is that the movie is not worth watching. The boys highlight a couple of #PlatinumPass winners at Aspers, and discuss the other main poker stories of the last seven days: the proposed Stars Group/Flutter merger and the allegations surrounding ...

Ep 22 - Phil Galfond Interview, Mike P's DMs With Us, and How To Stay Focused At Low Stakes

Today's episode is a dandy. First we follow up with Mike P the poker cheater, going through our DMs with him where he pleaded his innocence. We break down each of his DMs and spoiler alert: He's a sociopath. We are then joined by the legend Phil Galfond who talks about running his own poker website, playing high stakes poker tournaments, and his thoughts on the cheater scandal. Finally, we answer a DM about how to play low stakes when ...

Top Pair Podcast 341: Interview with Jason Somerville

Star poker personality, Team PokerStars Pro, and Run It Up founder Jason Somerville joins our hosts to talk about his home game history as well as the all-new Run It Up studies live home games. Bruce and Robbie chime in with recaps of the many home game sessions they’ve played since last episode. We’ve also got some great “Table Talk” from George Chao of BBO Poker Tables, plus the debut of stand-up comic and poker lover Ben Ludlow taking over ...

The Bernard Lee Poker Show 10-08-19 with Guest Kevin Maahs

The 5th place finisher at the 2019 WSOP Main Event, Kevin Maahs, joins Bernard Lee.

217 - Scott, Steve, Mike

Steve and Mike have the great pleasure of welcoming once more Mr. Scott Stewart! In this episode, the trio discuss multiple revenue-generating ways preferred by poker players, such as stock trading, online gambling and Roth IRAs. Alex Fitzgerald's new flagship product is here, Master Tournament Poker In One Class. It's a bold title and for good reason. Watch the free intro video and be ahead of 90% of your opponents. Use the code HUPOKER to get 75% off. Elliot Roe! ...

Ep 150 - Hands from the Fall Poker Classic

Chris Jones and John Somsky, two of our core panelists, ran deep in early events of the Fall Poker Classic. Chris brings with a couple of interesting hands from his deep run that he wants to discuss with the crew, including the impact of ICM implications. John also had an interesting ICM spot which we chat about as well. Joining Chris and John are Rob Washam and Steve Fredlund for this discussion. The video is also available at the RecPoker ...

Poker Action Line 10/07/2019

BIG Dave and Joe discuss the cheating scandal involving a player named Mike Postle, who appeared on live-streamed games from the Stones Gambling Hall in Northern California. The guys also talk about two new poker movies and wrap up the WPT action from Maryland Live!

Mike Postle Cheating Allegations

Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters are back with a new episode of The Fives Poker Podcast. The duo quickly runs through the latest happenings around the poker world before diving into the Mike Postle-Stones Live Poker cheating scandal that has taken the poker world by storm.

Episode 309: Scandal! Featuring Matt Glassman

Fan favorite Matt Glassman is back to discuss Mike Postle, impeachment, Twitter strategy, the shortcomings of prediction markets, and building his own poker table. Matt Glassman first appeared on episode 191. Nate’s original trip report from the 2011 WSOP is ... Read more...

The Grid 018 ft. Mike “the Hat” Glick – Queen-Nine Suited

Mike Glick, better known as “Mike the Hat” is one of the best and most successful American poker players you may not have heard of. He rose from No Limit Hold Em cash games in the east coast to become a regular in the highest stakes mixed games at Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio. Today...

PokerFraudAlert Radio Special #2 - Second Rebuttal to Mike Postle Interview on Matusow's Show - 10/06/2019

Special late night show. Rebuttal to accused cheater Mike Postle and his appearance on Mike Matusow's "Mouthpiece" show.

Veronica 2.0 Breaks Down The Stones/Postle Cheating Scandal - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #49

This Week on DAT Poker Pod: We are joined by the woman who broke the cheating scandal that has rocked the poker world! To begin Daniel, Adam and Terrence chat about hockey and Mattress Mack. We are then joined by Veronica 2.0 aka @Angry_Polak on twitter. She is a poker player and a former commentator on the “Stones Live” poker stream. She came out publicly with concerns that there was some foul play going on in the game, and one ...

PokerFraudAlert Radio Special - Rebuttal to Mike Postle Interview on Matusow's Show - 10/05/2019

While Druff is too sick with a cold to do a regular show, he decides to do an impromptu "special" picking apart Mike Postle's various excuses and explanations on Mike Matusow's "Mouthpiece" Podcast.

PokerNews Podcast: Stones Scandal

Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt have no problem choosing what to lead off with in this episode of the PokerNews Podcast. They take a deep dive into the cheating scandal surrounding Mike Postle and Stones Live. Joey Ingram's investigation videos on YouTube set the stage for the discussion, as Sarah and Jeff go over multiple points of evidence against Postle. Plus, the two chat about Flutter's merger with The Stars Group, and what that could mean for the future of ...

81. Solving Soaking Medium Flops

Pete resumes his exploration into the game theory of button vs big blind with a look at a very wet flop.

Preflop 3bets: the Bane of 2bets | Podcast #259

Show Notes for this episode: Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker player, coach and author. Check out my YouTube Poker Training Channel Enable my "Daily Poker Tips" Alexa Skill for a daily 30-second poker tip in your Flash Briefing. United States Canada United Kingdom Australia India Twitter @smartpokerstudy Instagram @smartpokerstudy

AUPT at Jamul, Part II

Scott returns from the successful Ante Up Poker Tour Sweetwater Series. Also, the parent companies of Paddy Poker and PokerStars have merged. Plus we chat about the Venetian's controversial tourney.

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Mike Postle To Be Inducted Into Poker Hall Of Fame
After being cleared of all allegations in its 45-minute investigation of Stones Live Poker steams, Mike Postle has immediately been inducted into the 2020 Poker Hall of Fame, leapfrogging over the formalities of the… — read more »
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