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Players Unhappy with Venetian, Deeb Crushing WCOOP, and British Poker Open

Lance and Donnie are back for a new episode of The Fives Poker Podcast. This week, the duo discusses players unhappy with Venetian, Shaun Deeb crushing WCOOP, and the British Poker Open.

The Bernard Lee Poker Show with Guest Martin Harris

Author, editor and blogger Martin Harris stops by to chat with Bernard Lee about his new book.

The Chip Race - Season 10 Episode 3 - Sarah Herring, Patrick Clarke, Dominik Nitsche and Adam ‘IT5PAYDAY’ Neal.

On the heels of the hugely successful Unibet Open Malta and on the week of the fantastic Unibet UK Tour in Brighton, Dara and David bring you another sick quartet of poker guests. GPI award winning journalist Sarah Herring tops the bill. Irish Poker Open Champion and Ireland’s current GPI number 1 Patrick Clarke stops by. DTO creator and all-round poker beast Dominik Nitsche limps pocket queens on the button in strategy corner. Poker pro and rapper Adam ‘IT5PAYDAY’ Neal ...

Fighting Back vs. LAGs

Fausto Valdez returns with critical advice on how to outmaneuver LAGs in your game. He's presenting this month's PRO group coaching session on the same subject, and gives a window into some tactics that are particularly useful in combating loose aggressive opponents.

Episode 307: Matt Vaughan

Vlogger Matt Vaughan joins Andrew to discuss content creation, building and feeding an audience, meet-up games, and more. Timestamps 0:30 Hello & Welcome 2:07 Strategy 33:26 Matt Vaughan Strategy 2/3$ (9 handed) We start the hand with 450ish, oppo covers ... Read more...

Ep 147 - Content Sampler

In this episode, we share a few highlights from four of the most recent content videos available to RecPoker community members. These include hand histories facilitated by Chris Jones, “Hands by Jake” from Jake Mason, Book Study of Andrew Brokos’ “Playing Optimal Poker”, and hand history facilitated by Taylor Maas. We also touch briefly on the launch of rec(dot)poker, our new website home which includes access to our new membership site. You can watch the video at:

Poker Action Line 09/16/2019

BIG Dave and Joe discuss this week's poker topics including the latest twist in the Phil Ivey/Borgata battle, Ronnie Bardah joining the cast of "Survivor", and the poker couple that followed a heads-up match at the WSOP by getting married a year later. The guys also analyze a hand in which the bet-sizing indicates a bluff to the opponent.

Winner’s Tilt

On the penultimate episode of the Tells podcast, Busi and Andrew chat about the journey of Tells. They share laughs and poor metaphors about gambling, a men’s suit that never arrived and why Andrew finds comedy specials tiring. The post Winner’s Tilt appeared first on Tells Podcast.

Sept. 13 PokerCast: Survivor, PokerStars and more

We chat about Ronnie Bardah on Survivor, PokerStars sports betting and revisit our Call the Floor from last week. We also complete an O'Mally's Move and Ante Up Ambassador Michael Young has the Hand of The Week.

Druff & Friends Show - 09/12/2019 - Hey Scammer, Here's Your Wallet Back

khalwat returns to the show. Ken Scalir checks in (topic begins at 0:26:00). Daniel Cates, Ilya Trincher file objection to Borgata seizure of Ivey's WSOP winnings -- segment featuring attorney Eric Bensamochan (0:41:18). Phil Galfond makes numerous appearances online in order to prop up sagging Run It Once poker site (1:22:12). Ethical question: If a guy who just scammed you accidentally drops his wallet & drives away, do you return it (3:05:28). Kings Casino in Czech Republic accused of having ...

79. Where are all the Girls? FT. Alexandra

Pete invites new player and streamer Alexandra onto the show to get the perspective of a beginner female player in a male dominated game.

What happens when you call a preflop raise?

Show Notes for this episode: Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker player, coach and author. Check out my YouTube Poker Training Channel Enable my "Daily Poker Tips" Alexa Skill for a daily 30-second poker tip in your Flash Briefing. United States Canada United Kingdom Australia India Twitter @smartpokerstudy Instagram @smartpokerstudy

The Grid 017 ft. Nick Schulman – Jack-Four Offsuit

Three-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, World Poker Tour Champion and renowned poker commentator Nick Schulman enters the GRID to click off a challenging combo, jack-four offsuit. Nick played the fateful hand in a New York City homegame about a decade ago, where the stakes soared to 400/800 and night turned to morning. As...

Phil Galfond Opens Up About Becoming RIO Player

Phil Galfond is one of the best poker players in the world, and he jumped into running a poker site with the same brilliant and logical mind that took him as far as he is as a player. He recently endeavored to become a "player" again on his own site in order to gain an authentic and realistic perspective on Run it Once. He also live streamed most of his experience to share with the world and the results have ...

Episode 27: Software Updates, PokerStars Pennsylvania Teases, and 888's Poker Woes

In this week's episode of the pokerfuse podcast, Nick and Mike take a look at major software client updates from PokerStars, partypoker, WPN and MPN; the pair reveal some exclusive details about PokerStars' planned online poker launch in Pennsylvania; and they dig into the numbers from 888's latest financial results.

Weekly Poker Hand #268

A-K and 9-9 face off in a classic going flip at Stones Gambling Hall. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to sign up for a free 7-day trial membership...No visits yet

Ep 18 - Is Phil Ivey Broke??? Plus Twitch King Jaime Staples, Listener DMs, And Online Nostalgia

On today's episode we talk about some poker world drama- is Linus Loeliger a cheater and why was Phil Ivey backed for a $50k? We get emotional talking about Ivey and how awesome he is and how sad we'd be if he's actually broke. We then tackle listener DMs- how not to be "scared money" and Jake's path to being a successful poker pro. After some online nostalgia, we are joined by Twitch Gawd and prop bet master Jaime Staples. ...

Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 90 - Multiway Pots

As we enter the nervous nineties, Merv & Ben discuss an email from Carl Richards regarding Pluribus, the recent AI bot that seems capable of beating top 6-max opponents. Read about it here. By request we also talk about multiway pots and follow that up with a strat-chat (25:11) hand which fittingly enough, goes multiway.Love the Show?Help support us by writing a review of this podcast on iTunes. The more reviews we get, the more listeners we get, and that ...

215 - Jason Froelich

After coming back from Guatemala, Steve has the pleasure of talking once again with Jason Froelich! Besides going over a recent hand that Jason brought to the table, the two are discussing their preferences their recent adventures, such as Steve's Central-American trip and Jason's newfound friendship with Mike Sneideman. Alex Fitzgerald's new flagship product is here, Master Tournament Poker In One Class. It's a bold title and for good reason. Watch the free intro video and be ahead of 90% ...

Podcasting with a tie on

Episode 98 of the Tells podcast, Busi and Andrew discuss the fate of Tells podcast, as well as Andrew revealing his favourite type of dessert. The post Podcasting with a tie on appeared first on Tells Podcast.

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Poker Players Go To Extreme Lengths To Sabotage Venetian $150K
In the wake of controversy over the Venetian's $150k "Total Prize Pool," poker players are banding together to keep participation in the event to a minimum. — read more »
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