ARJEL: 90% of French FTP Money Reclaimed

€4.1m in FullTiltPoker.FR deposits has been reclaimed, representing approximately 90% of all French cash balances, regulator ARJEL announced Tuesday.

The reclamation process will remain open until all €4.9m is accounted for.

As with all other non-US players, PokerStars’ parent company Rational Group, as part of their agreement with the US Department of Justice, is reimbursing all French Full Tilt players.

The Full Tilt cashout process started in November 2012 when Rational Group relaunched the Full Tilt site.

Unlike other European players who could log back into the new site and play with or withdrawal their balances, Rational Group opted not to relaunch the room in regulated markets.

French and Italian players are instead required to transfer balances to the equivalent PokerStars site to reclaim funds.