GGPoker is Giving Away Another $10,000,000 this December GGPoker is Giving Away Another $10,000,000 this December

Christmas season is upon us and online poker operators are using the month of December as an ideal opportunity to gift their players and bring the holiday spirit to life — and GG is certainly no exception.

Leading online poker site GGPoker is continuing its tradition of giving away millions of dollars in promotions, with another $10,000,000 to be handed out between December 1 and New Year’s Eve.

The list of promotions at GGPoker is long and extensive as always, with most of the popular promos coming back for a new version in December. $100,000 in prizes will be given away each day through the Daily Flipout tournament, tens of thousands through various daily leaderboards, and new players will have another chance to benefit from the Honeymoon Challenge.

Following the great recent success of GGPoker’s most recent Omaholic Series, the operator will be looking to bring even more exciting events to their players come new year, but until then, let us take a look at how the promotional calendar at GGPoker looks this month.

Honeymoon Challenge Still Going Strong

The Honeymoon Challenge, which has been around for quite a long time as one of flagship promotions at GGPoker, was upgraded in November with the total prizes to new player sgoing from $300 in previous months to $350.

The people in GGPoker’s marketing department clearly liked this change, as the Honeymoon Challenge is once again offering a total of $350 to new players who sign up with the operator and start completing their daily challenges.

The promotion itself is very attractive to new players, who can easily claim tournament tickets, cash prizes, and more through rewards given out as they complete simple poker challenges.

If you are looking to sign up with GGPoker this month, keep in mind that you will have a chance to complete a new challenge each day, and will receive prizes ranging from $0.50 AoF tickets to $150 in cash if you can finish out all the 30 challenges.

GGPoker Honeymoon for Newcomers
Complete 3 missionsGet 2x $0.50 AoF Sit & Go tickets
Complete 5 missionsReceive a $2.50 satellite ticket to Global Million$
Complete 7 missionsClaim 10 AoF SNG tickets worth $0.50 each
Complete 10 missionsReceive 1x $5 Omaholic Million$ satellite ticket
Complete 15 missionsReceive $14 in tournament dollars (T$)
Complete 20 missionsGet another $20 in cash
Complete 23 missionsClaim a $50 ticket to $1MM GTD Global Million$
Complete 24 missionsGrab T$50
Complete 25 missions$52.50 ticket to Omaholic Bounty Quarter Million$
Complete all 30 missionsReceive final $150 in cash

Daily Flipouts for Lucky and Unlucky Players

As part of their overall player care package, GGPoker introduced two separate promotions, both giving players a chance to participate in exciting Daily Flipout tournaments that award $100,000 in cold hard cash to the lucky winners.

GGCare is the first road to the Daily Flipout, as players who suffer bad beats at the tables receive their tickets into tomorrow’s event, making the beat hurt just a little less.

GGCheers is the other way to play in the Daily Flipout, as GGPoker’s ambassador Daniel Negreanu and the rest of the team want to congratulate those who win big pots and make big hands. Scoop that big pot at the cash game tables and earn a chance to win even more in the next Flipout.

Keep in mind that your starting stack size in the Flipout will depend on just how big the pot in question was and how big your unlucky loss or massive win actually was.

Daily Leaderboards for All Game Formats

As has been the case for many months now, GGPoker continues to award players in various poker formats on a daily basis through a variety of daily leaderboards.

This month, the following leaderboards will be available:

  • Daily No Limit Hold’em $20k Leaderboard
  • Daily Pot Limit Omaha $20k Leaderboard
  • Daily 6+ Hold’em $5k Leaderboard
  • Daily Spin & Gold $20k Leaderboard
  • Daily Rush & Cash $30k Leaderboard
  • Daily AoF $20k Leaderboard
  • Daily Flip & Go $5k Leaderboard
  • Daily Battle Royale $1k Leaderboard

That’s $121,000 in money given away through leaderboard promotions every single day of December, with nearly all types and formats of poker giving you a chance to win a share of the daily prize pool. The Leaderboard prizes have gone down a little compared to November, but still offer plenty of value for players across the stakes.

The best thing about daily leaderboards is that hundreds of players can get a share of the prize pool, with the NLH leaderboard alone awarding the top 1,252 finishers, PLO leaderboard awarding 882 players, etc.

Daily Freebies with No Strings Attached

If there is one promotion that GGPoker keeps on throwing that really caters to novice players, it is the Daily Freebies.

Each day in December, all players who have a valid and confirmed GGPoker account can get their Daily Freebie simply for logging into their account.

The Daily Freebies are all tournament tickets, with $0.25 tickets to Spin & Gold and Battle Royale given away every day from Sunday to Friday, and special $1 Spin & Gold tickets up for grabs on Saturdays.

Remember that Daily Freebies are available to literally all players at GGPoker, making this an extraordinary promotion that shows GGPoker’s commitment to introducing new players to the game and allowing them to try real money poker without any risks.

If you don’t have a GG account yet and want to learn more about how to get the best GGPoker Welcome Bonus, how to download the mobile app, what games and tournaments are offered, and why it is ranked one of the top online poker sites in the world, then check out our comprehensive GGPoker Review.