Lock Poker Separates High Stakes Tables from Rest of Revolution Lock Poker Separates High Stakes Tables from Rest of Revolution
Henrik Ström, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic
Key Takeaways
  • All games at 1/2+ split from Lock and the rest of the Revolution network.
  • Lock rep explains move is with the “overall ecology” of the network.

Sharp-eyed observers on the Revolution Poker Network, anchored by Lock Poker, have noticed that certain higher-stakes cash tables have been made available only on flagship site Lock, and are not available on other network skins.

The observations date to about Feb 5, as noted on the 2+2 forums and elsewhere, with the segregation of the tables going unannounced on the Lock Poker forums and elsewhere until pressed publicly by players for an explanation.

Three days after the segregation was first noticed, Lock Poker PR representative Shane Bridges confirmed the Lock-only tables in a brief post on 2+2, writing, “We offer all the same stakes as everyone on the network but we have partitioned some of our higher stakes based on our current size and our soft poker ecology to better care for our players.”

Bridges followed with other posts that indicate a possible problem between parent site Lock and one or more major skins, who may be “grinder” heavy, with a player base of more profitable makeup than the average network composition.

The segregation fueled speculation that the move was taken to prevent excessive cash outflow from Lock to its member skins.

Bridges, on behalf of Lock, cast the blame for the move on the so-called grinders, and the sites that cater to them, posting: “Despite everyones assumptions that Lock is only in this for a quick buck we are actually trying to keep building for the future and this was a part of this.”