There are many advantages to gambling online instead of playing at a live casino venue. Convenience and generous welcome bonuses are some of the first things that come to mind. Still, there are other things one should consider when deciding which online casino to play at, and loyalty rewards programs come very near the top of the list.

From a player’s perspective, what would be a reason to stick to just one online casino instead of switching between multiple sites? The answer is simple — loyalty rewards. The top online casinos understand they must keep their customers happy and coming back to play more. Hence, the operators incentivize customers to stick with them instead of hopping over to the competition.

But how do you know if a rewards program is any good? How do you pick the best one?

To answer this, we looked hard at the best online casinos in the US to see what they offer their loyal customers. We assessed how these rewards programs stack up against each other to determine which rewards program truly is the most rewarding.

For example, PokerStars Casino US offers a versatile loyalty program tailored to your preferences across all verticals. It is suitable for casual and more serious players, which is why it is at the top of our list.

Others, like BetMGM Casino US, are geared more towards higher-stakes players and those who also spend some time at brick-and-mortar venues.

Making a choice that is right for you will depend on your gaming preferences, bankroll, how frequently you play, and more. This guide tries to break it all down and help you decide.

Without further ado, these are our top 5 picks for the Best US Online Casino Rewards Programs in 2023.

Best US Online Casino Reward Programs Highlights

Casino Rewards Program Best For Value
PokerStars Casino Stars Rewards All Types of Players 9/10
BetMGM Casino BetMGM Rewards High-Rollers 8.5/10
DraftKings Casino Dynasty Rewards High-Volume Players 8/10
FanDuel Casino Rewards Machine Casual Players 7/10
BetRivers Casino BetRivers Rewards Slots fans 7/10

How Important Are Casino Reward Programs, Really?

Online casinos tend to heavily promote their reward programs as one of their main selling points, highlighting the best and biggest rewards available to players. However, for casual players, these top-tier rewards are not attainable, and most users rarely go beyond the second or third VIP level at an online casino.

Before we move on to talking about specific reward schemes offered by individual operators, let’s first examine the value of these programs as a whole to try and answer how big of a role they should play in your decision of where to play.

If you are a casual player who spends up to a few hundred bucks on online gambling every month, the reality is that you will not feel many benefits of casino rewards. You can expect a few dozen free spins or a small cashback, but these little perks will not help offset your losses and will not provide you with much extra entertainment.

In fact, you will find the best value will come from completely random surprises that are not connected directly to the VIP program but are added on top every now and again, when casinos go through their player databases.

So, in short, as someone who only plays occasionally and purely for fun, you should not worry too much about reward programs. A solid welcome bonus and nice promotions, such as affordable slot tournaments, will greatly influence your bankroll and overall gaming experience.

High-Rollers & Casino Rewards

Players staking serious money at US online casinos have much more reason to look into and compare loyalty programs. Someone staking thousands of dollars every month is not particularly interested in a one-off bonus of $500. They are looking for something more long-term.

The truth is that most casino reward schemes are designed with high rollers in mind, and these players get the best benefits. Your effective cashback percentage will increase significantly as you reach the top echelons of a VIP system, but you will also gain access to special perks, such as your personal host, free trips and experiences, sports events tickets, and more.

Of course, all these gifts and perks will not make a big difference in overall losses, but these returns will help lower the casino has edge over you and provide you with some nice freebies. After all, if you are betting thousands of dollars every month, why not get something extra out of it?

Rewards for high-rollers can be quite generous, not only because casinos appreciate their business but even more because they do not want them to take that business somewhere else. Operators will often go above and beyond to try and accommodate you, to keep you around.

With these distinctions out of the way, let’s look at the best US online casino reward programs in 2023.

PokerStars Casino Rewards — A More Personalized Experience

PokerStars Casino Rewards Best US Online Casino Rewards Programs

PokerStars Casino takes a somewhat different approach to rewarding its loyal players, customizing its program around your preferences. The system keeps track of your play and creates rewards most suitable for your playing style.

The PokerStars Casino Rewards program revolves primarily around Chests. Every time you fill the Progress Bar, you open a new chest containing a somewhat personalized reward (free spins, poker tournament tickets, bonus bets, etc.). The value range of the Chest depends on your loyalty level.

The Stars Casino Rewards system is undoubtedly not the easiest one to keep track of, and it is hard to compare it to more straightforward programs. What it has going for it is the engagement element and the surprise factor, which some players appreciate. Most of the time, you will not get a reward that correctly reflects your level of play. Occasionally, you can get lucky and receive a much bigger prize than you could hope for with other operators.

PokerStars Casino Chests & Rewards Guide

The PokerStars Casino rewards program consists of six distinct levels. As players reach additional levels, they gain access to larger, more valuable chests. Unlocking chests and moving through the tiers is connected directly to your real money play across all PokerStars products (casino, poker, and sports betting).

Chest Level Value Reward Points Required No of Chests per Tier
Blue $0.50 333 5
Bronze $1.50 935 5
Silver $5.00 2850 7
Gold $25.00 12,500 7
Diamond $100.00 40,000 10
Black $330.00 100,000 -

For PokerStars Casino specifically, the number of points you earn depends on the amount wagered and the type of game. Games like slots, for example, will earn you reward points much faster than table games. Here is a quick breakdown of point expectations from some of the most popular games:

  • Slots – $0.50 – $41.00 for 1 Reward Point (depending on the RTP; the lower the RTP, the higher the number of points)
  • Roulette – $2.00 for 1 Reward Point
  • American Roulette – $1.00 for 1 Reward Point
  • Classic Blackjack – $9.00 for 1 Reward Point
  • Baccarat – $5.00 for 1 Reward Point
  • Video Poker – $2.33 – $11.67 for 1 Reward Point (depending on the variation)

Best for Poker & Casino Players

The PokerStars Casino rewards program is a good fit if you like to combine your casino play with other activities, especially casino gaming.

The operator adds together all the points you collect from all real money gambling activities, and all of them help you move closer to the next chest and the next batch of rewards.

The system in place evaluates your play and tries to match rewards to your preferences, so if you are more into casinos than poker, your rewards should reflect that. While the system is not perfect, it does a pretty good job.

Check out our Guide to PokerStars Casino Rewards to learn more about the program.

Sign up for PokerStars or check out our in-depth and unbiased PokerStars Casino US Review to learn more about this operator. »

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BetMGM Casino Rewards — Great Versatility

BetMGM Casino Rewards Best US Online Casino Rewards Programs

MGM first built its name as a land-based operator, so it had plenty of experience keeping casino customers happy before moving into the online gambling space. The casino thoroughly used its knowledge from decades in the gambling industry to create an exciting and engaging rewards program across all of its BetMGM online and in-person properties.

Currently, the loyalty program addresses the expectations of online players and those who split their time between the BetMGM Casino online and live venues.

Called BetMGM Rewards, the rewards program features several tiers, with each new level unlocking access to better and more valuable rewards. Accumulated loyalty points can be exchanged for cash bonuses and other perks. At the same time, players unlock valuable prizes such as bonus bets, discounted room rates at MGM properties across the country, and more.

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BetMGM Rewards Points & Tier Credits

Players at BetMGM Casino US earn reward points for all their real money play. Points are awarded based on the wagered amount and the type of game. When it comes to casino gaming specifically, this is what players can expect to earn:

  • Regular slots & instant win games – up to 20 MGM Rewards Points per $100 wagered
  • Jackpot slots – up to 10 MGM Rewards Points per $100 wagered
  • Table games – up to 4 points per $100 wagered

Tier Credits are earned at the same rate as Rewards Points. The major difference is that Rewards Points can be used at the Rewards Shop to purchase online or live perks. Tier Credits track the player’s loyalty level and cannot be exchanged directly.

That said, accumulating Tier Credits and getting new loyalty levels comes with its own set of perks, including a boost to the base points accumulation rate:

  • Sapphire – up to 19,999 Tier Credits in a year – some small perks, including room discounts at BetMGM properties
  • Pearl – up to 75,000 TC – 10% boost on the points accumulation
  • Gold – up to 200,000 TC – 20% boost, diner experience, no resorts fees
  • Platinum – 200,000+ TC – 30% boost, air travel credits, and more
  • Noir – invitation only – 40% boost, VIP host, and much more

Best for Serious Casino Players

The rewards program at BetMGM Casino US is geared more towards serious players with bigger bankrolls. The best value comes from higher tiers, where you get access to many perks that high-rollers will appreciate.

While the casino is a perfectly fine choice for players on all levels, from a strictly rewards point of view, you will not be able to get the best value if you only play a few times a month and primarily at lower stakes.

On the other hand, if you place big wagers and play often, BetMGM Rewards can be really nice as you climb the ladder and reach new VIP statuses.

Learn more about BetMGM Rewards in our complete guide!

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DraftKings Casino Dynasty Rewards

DraftKings Casino Rewards Best US Online Casino Rewards Programs

  • Available in NJ, MI, PA, WV, and CT
  • Earn DK Crowns by playing for real money and move through tier levels to unlock special perks and Crown boosts
  • Rewards earned across all DraftKings verticals — DraftKings Casino, DraftKings Sportsbook App, and Fantasy.

DraftKings Casino US is another major operator in several regulated states, offering a safe and rich gaming experience. Its Dynasty Rewards program is a part of that experience, designed to give loyal players a reason to stick around instead of looking for new sites.

The basic system is similar to what other US online casino operators offer, with players earning reward points for their real money activity on the site, i.e., casino, sports betting, and fantasy sports. At DraftKings, reward points are known as Crowns, the main “currency” that loyal players can exchange for rewards in the DraftKings Rewards Store.

Like other casinos, DraftKings also features several tiers that players progress through. Reaching additional levels unlocks access to special perks, including bonuses on Crowns’ accrual.

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DK Crowns & Rewards in a Nutshell

As mentioned, all real money play at DraftKings Casino US will earn you crowns. Different games contribute at different rates. The most important numbers to know are:

  • Progressive slots – 1 Crown per every $1 wagered
  • Regular slots – 1 Crown per every $2 wagered
  • Video poker – 1 Crown per every $8 wagered
  • Table games – 1 Crown per every $8 wagered

On top of DK Crowns, real-money play also earns you Tier Credits. These cannot be used in a store but are used to track your progress through VIP levels. There are six Tiers to progress through, each unlocking extra benefits and a boost on Crown generation that can go up to 40%.

  • Bronze — basic level everyone starts at
  • Silver — 5000+ Tier Credits
  • Gold — 25,000+ Tier Credits
  • Diamond — 90,000 Tier Credits
  • Onyx — 175,000 Tier Credits

Sign up for DraftKings, or check our detailed guide to DraftKings Dynasty Rewards to learn everything there is about this rewards program and find out if it is worth it for you. Want to learn more about the casino? Head to our DraftKings Casino Review.

Best for Jackpot Slots Fans

Playing progressive jackpot games is usually not the best idea if you are looking to get the best return to player. The reason is simple – a bulk of returns is contained in the jackpot, which will eventually go to one player, and other players end up paying the difference.

If you do not mind taking a hit on the RTP for a chance at a big score, though, then DraftKings Casino US is the best place to try your luck.

Namely, progressive slots contribute the most towards your rewards, which means you will be accumulating a lot of points along the way, especially if you play at higher stakes. This will not eliminate your long-term losses, but it will certainly help offset them a bit and give you more playtime.

FanDuel Casino Reward Machine

FanDuel Casino Rewards Best US Online Casino Rewards Programs

  • Available in PA, MI, NJ, and WV
  • Log in everyday and take your free spins on the Reward Machine for instant rewards or to collect symbols that can be exchanged for bonuses every week

FanDuel Casino US takes a slightly different approach to rewarding its players. Their system is geared more toward casual gamblers looking for smaller rewards to keep them going.

Aptly called the Reward Machine, it is available to everyone without restrictions. Players need to log into their accounts and, every day, they can take three free spins on the Reward Machine. Each spin can result in an instant win or award symbols you collect each week to get a reward.

How Does the FanDuel Reward Machine Work?

All registered FanDuel Casino US players are welcome to participate in the reward scheme, and there are no deposit or wagering requirements. All you need to do is log in to your FanDuel account every day and take your free spins on the Machine.

There are three ways to receive rewards from the Machine:

  • If you match three symbols on the line, you will receive an instant reward
  • Collect different symbols over the week and receive a prize based on what you can collect
  • If you collect three Trophy symbols in one week, you will have a chance to receive a casino bonus worth up to $2000

It is important to note that three spins are available daily and are valid for 24 hours. If you miss the opportunity, the spins will not be carried over to the next day, so to give yourself the best shot at winning prizes, you need to log in every day.

Best for Casual Players

If you only play a few times a month and do not spend a lot of money on online casinos, FanDuel is probably the best pick for you. It is the only US online casino that gives you a shot at nice rewards without any demands.

As long as you take the time to log in and spin the reels, you have a shot at some bonuses and free spins. While the average value of these rewards is not high, it is decent if you only deposit $50 or $100 monthly.

By the same token, if you play higher stakes, you probably will not be thrilled with what the site has to offer in terms of rewards, and if this is an important aspect for you, you will be better served at other sites.

BetRivers Casino Rewards — A Simple & Rewarding Approach

Betrivers Casino Rewards Best US Online Casino Rewards Programs

Of all US online casinos, BetRivers Casino has perhaps the most straightforward loyalty scheme called iRush Rewards. As you play the games for real money, you accumulate loyalty points, which you can use at the Bonus Store to purchase cash bonuses, free spins, and much more.

You will also progress through different VIP Tiers by accumulating points. There are 11 of these, and you can unlock 10 by earning the required points within 60 days. The highest loyalty tier, named Elite, is accessible through invitation only.

Additional rewards for the first few tiers are basic and include special offers and assistance with custom deposit limits. However, as you move up the ladder, you will start receiving perks such as exclusive BetRivers swag, access to VIP events, luxury gifts, custom avatars, and much more.

Best for Slot Players

In reality, BetRivers features a rewards scheme that fits most players’ expectations, but those who prefer video slots will have most fun and will likely get the best returns.

This is not just because slots are among the games that contribute the most towards your iRush points. The operator also hosts frequent tournaments and competitions for different slots, allowing you to win additional rewards while accumulating loyalty points.

Sign up or head to our Guide to iRush Rewards to learn more about the program »

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How to Redeem Casino Rewards Points

Redeeming online casino rewards points can vary depending on the specific online casino and its loyalty program. However, here are the general steps to redeem your online casino rewards points:

  1. Sign Up and Join the Loyalty Program: Ensure that you are a registered online casino member and have joined their loyalty or rewards program if they offer one. Most operators will automatically sign you up for their loyalty program once you create a player account, but you may have to opt-in separately or fill out an additional form before you can start earning points.
  2. Earn Loyalty Points: Accumulate loyalty points by playing real-money games at the online casino. Different games may earn you points at varying rates.
  3. Check Your Points Balance: Most online casinos provide a way for you to check your loyalty points balance. This information is often available in your account dashboard or under a “Loyalty” or “Rewards” tab.
  4. Explore the Rewards Catalog: Browse through the online casino’s rewards catalog. It typically lists the available rewards you can redeem using your loyalty points. Common rewards include bonus cash, free spins, merchandise, or entry into special tournaments or promotions.
  5. Select Your Reward: Choose the reward you want to redeem and click on it. This will usually prompt you to confirm your selection.
  6. Redeem Your Points: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the redemption process. This may involve confirming your choice or entering the number of loyalty points you wish to redeem.
  7. Enjoy Your Reward: Once the redemption is successful, you will receive your chosen reward. Bonus cash or free spins are typically credited to your account immediately and can be used in eligible games. Other rewards may be sent to your email or account message center.
  8. Continue Earning Points: Keep playing at the online casino to earn more loyalty points, and work your way up through the loyalty program tiers for even better rewards.

Always review the terms and conditions of the loyalty program and the reward you’re redeeming. Pay attention to factors like wagering requirements for bonus cash or any expiration dates for rewards. These details can vary from one online casino to another, so it’s essential to be informed about the rules of the platform you’re using.


How do I find the best US online casino reward programs?

All the best US online casinos offer quality reward programs. The main thing is finding the one that best suits your playing style.

Specific programs can be better suited and more rewarding than others, depending on your average stakes and the games you like to play. Check out our in-depth guides for each program to help you find your answers.

What perks can US casino players get from participating in reward programs?

Casino loyalty programs offer many perks, from free spins and bonus credits to VIP treatment for the most loyal of customers, which includes dedicated hosts, special bonuses, real-life gifts, and even perks like travel and live experiences.

Are casino loyalty programs really worth it?

US online casino reward programs certainly help improve your gaming experience and provide additional value. How much they are worth to any player depends on several factors.

Signing up for a new casino account and claiming a new welcome bonus is often worth more than a loyalty program for most players. However, the number of welcome bonuses in any individual state is limited.

Are online casino loyalty schemes designed just for high-rollers?

High-rollers and those who spend a lot of time playing casino games will, naturally, enjoy more benefits from casino loyalty schemes. However, certain casinos have programs that bring much value to smaller-stake, casual players.

What kind of rewards can I get from casino loyalty programs in the US?

There are all sorts of perks players can get from loyalty programs. These range from simple things like free spins and bonuses, over casino credits and cash, to merchandise, travel packages, and various amenities at live locations.

Both the quality and the quantity of the rewards will depend primarily on your level of play. The more you play and the higher the stakes, the better the rewards will get. That said, many US online casinos find a nice balance to ensure their casual customers are properly rewarded as well.

How frequently are casino loyalty rewards paid?

This depends on the particular loyalty scheme. Most operators will allow you to accumulate points that can be exchanged for different perks and bonuses in their online store whenever you feel like it. However, some casinos have loyalty programs that will issue your rewards on a daily, weekly, or (rarely) monthly basis.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call the Virginia Council on Problem Gambling (VACPG) helpline at 1-888-532-3500