Updated on February 26, 2018

Deposit bonuses are where an online poker room gives you a bonus the same size as your first real money deposit. That bonus sits in a special “bonus” account and cannot immediately be used to play in the games. Instead it is “released” into your main account as you complete a wagering requirement. The more you play, the bonus money you release. Money released to your account can be used to play with, and can be cashed out.

  • Most New Jersey online poker rooms have a deposit bonus that matches 100% of your first deposit up to a certain limit. This varies from $400 up to $1500 depending on the site. In total, there are thousands of dollars in free deposit match bonuses available at the New Jersey sites.
  • Each site has its own bonus terms, and while the largest bonus may be the most appealing, understanding how long it takes to clear (and how the bonus is released) is just as important.
  • Deposit match bonuses can and should be combined with no deposit bonuses to maximize your free money.

Offers At a Glance

Site Amount Free Paid Out In Time to clear Rake/day Rakeback
partypoker NJ $1000 10 parts 60 days $33.33 50%
Borgata $600 10 parts 45 days $26.67 50%
WSOP NJ $400 staggered release schedule 60 days $33.33 20%
888 NJ $1500 $10 steps 90 days $83.33 20%

Partypoker NJ:

To max out: Deposit $1000, and earn 4000 VPP points ($2000 paid in rake) over 60 days. This works out at an average of $33.33 in rake a day. You can also play games in the casino and this will also clear the bonus.

Party’s deal is among the biggest at $1000 and is one of the fastest to clear, with a generous 60 day to clear it.* You’ll also hit a high VIP tier during the bonus clearing, giving you extra rakeback.

Note that the bonus is released in 10 separate chunks, which means if you deposit $1000 for the maximum bonus, a portion will be released every $100. If you think you will not have enough time to clear the bonus, then you should not deposit the full $1000—you run the risk of only getting part way through a $100 “chunk” and not releasing it.

As you clear the bonus, you will also climb the VIP tiers, which could be worth extra rakeback in the form of cash bonuses—even more if you buy tournament tickets.

If you don’t think you can rake that much, deposit a lesser amount. For example, a $100 first deposit means you only need to rake $3.33 a day over 60 days, and it releases in $10 chunks so you get the bonus more frequently.

Learn more about partypoker New Jersey, or you can sign up today to get your bonus.

Borgata Poker: The easiest bonus to clear

To max out: Deposit $600, note: You must use bonus code BONUS600 when depositing. Receive the bonus then earn 2400 points in 60 days—that’s the equivalent of $26.27 paid in rake a day.

Borgata works very similarly to partypoker: It clears in 10 parts and it clears at the same rate—so you get the equivalent of 50% rakeback while clearing the bonus.

However, the maximum bonus is $600, and you only have 45 days to clear it.

As you clear the bonus, you make progress climbing the VIP tiers, which is worth extra rakeback.

Learn more about Borgata, or you can sign up today to get your bonus.

WSOP New Jersey: 60 days to clear a $400 bonus

To max out: Deposit $400 In 60 days, earn 4000 APPs, which will require you to rake $2000 in cash games and tournaments ($33.33 a day).

WSOP matches up to $400 of your first deposit. And though the wagering requirement is a bit on the high side, you are given a generous 60 days to clear it.

The WSOP match bonus clears using a staggered release schedule. The first $10 will be released in $1 chunks, the second $40 will be released in $5 chunks and the last $350 will be released in $10.00 chunks.

While you are clearing the bonus, you’ll earn extra rewards through their VIP/loyalty program.

Learn more about WSOP or you can sign up today to get your bonus.

888 New Jersey: 90 Days to clear a big bonus

To max out: Deposit $1500 and in 90 days, earn 15,000 points, which requires $7500 in attributed rake ($83.33 a day). This can be done at cash games, tournaments, MTTs and in the casino, but note, points are calculated at a much slower rate in the online casino and therefore requires additional rake.

On the face of it the 888 bonus looks great, with up to $1500 matched on your first deposit.

The downside is the clearance rate—it works out at only 20% rakeback, and maxing out the bonus means a lot of playing every day—for a very long time.

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