US online poker bonus codesOnline poker rooms across the US are offering thousands of dollars in bonus funds to new players looking to create new accounts, from big deposit match bonuses to free-play choices. This guide will help you choose the right bonus for you.

There are currently only four states that offer legal and regulated real money online poker to players in the United States: Nevada, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As we always advocate for legal online poker sites, we are only focusing on those sites in this guide. If you’re in another state, check out our social poker guide.

The legal market is home to four main brands: PokerStars, World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online, BetMGM Poker and Borgata. As BetMGM Poker and Borgata are on the same shared network and offer the same welcome offer we are including this as one entry in our analysis.

All online poker sites offer great welcome offers. All feature deposit match bonuses, besides extras as MTT tickets, extra funds or freeroll tickets. Every operator offers something slightly different, so check out the details below to understand the inner workings of these offers.

Best Online Poker Bonus Codes in the US
  • PokerStars: Deposit match bonus allows three deposits up to $600 that will be matched. Or opt in for $150 in free play tickets.
  • BetMGM Poker: This deposit match bonus clears the fastest in the entire US market.
  • WSOP Online: Highest bonus funds given out at $1,100 in mix of deposit match and free play.

What are the Best Online Poker Bonus Codes in the US?

There are three main online poker sites that offer legal and regulated online poker in the United States. Each offers a compelling welcome offer. PokerStars has the best bonus for small deposits — $150 in free play (no code needed). The BetMGM Poker deposit match (use code POKERFUSE) clears the quickest, but WSOP Online offers the most in terms of raw numbers with $1,100 in bonus funds if you max out.

Operator Bonus Code Welcome Offer
PokerStars STARS600 Code needed for deposit match. Free play is opt in and no code needed
BetMGM Poker POKERFUSE Add code in when depositing to get deposit match and MTTs
WSOP No code needed Players who deposit will automatically get the welcome deal of the deposit match and free play (excludes Nevada)

PokerStars USA Welcome Offer Explained

PokerStars LogoPokerStars offers one of the best welcome offers to new players looking to sign up in the United States. This is because PokerStars allows players to pick between two great deals: a deposit match bonus or a free play offer. It is the same across New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The deposit match bonus is great because the offer applies to the first three deposits you make up to $600 and the deposit will be matched in full. This is good if you don’t want to commit to laying down the $600 in one go. When making that first deposit, add in bonus code STASR600 in order to trigger the deposit match bonus. If you don’t add in the code when making that deposit you will miss out on the operator matching your funds. You have 120 days to clear down the bonus once you have deposited, after which time the deposit match deal will expire.

Deposit match bonuses are always released back to you in chunks. Don’t expect to deposit $50 and then automatically get $50 appear in your account. With PokerStars, the deposit match is released back to you in $10 installments. The more you play online poker, the more redemption points are earned at the tables, which unlocks chunks of the deposit match bonus. An example is this:

  • Deposit $50
  • Get a $50 bonus, released back to you in $10 installments
  • You need 140 redemption points to unlock $10 of bonus funds
  • $28 in rake needed to earn 140 RPs
  • To unlock the full $50 bonus money you need to accrue 700 player points

Alternatively, you have the $150 free play offer. This is a better option if you dont want to commit to depositing large amounts and clearing down the deposit match. All you need to do is opt in to the offer via the challenges window in the PokerStars client and then play one cash game hand at any stakes. Then you will immediately get free play Spin & Go tickets. For the next 5 days, tickets are dropped into your account that can be used at the online poker and casino tables.

Day Released PokerStars Free Play Ticket
Day 0 2x $5 Spin & Go ticket & 50x$1 Spin & Go tickets
Day 1 50 bonus spins for casino slots
Day 2 2x $5 & 1x$10 Spin & Go tickets
Day 3 $10 casino bonus
Day 4 2x $10 tickets
Day 5 $30 casino bonus

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Welcome Offer from BetMGM Poker and Borgata Explained

BetMGM Poker LogoBetMGM Poker (and by extension Borgata) has the best deposit match bonus on the market. This is for one main reason: The deposit match clears down the fastest, meaning players actually have the best chance of releasing all the deposit funds back into their account before the deal expires.

BetMGM Poker offers the same welcome offer across New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania. BetMGM will match up to 100% on $1,000 deposited using bonus code POKERFUSE. The bonus funds are released back in 10% installments. You have 120 days to clear down the deposit match before the offer expires. This is how the deposit match works:

  • You earn 5 bonus points for every dollar in rake you pay.
  • You need to earn 12 bonus points to unlock each bonus dollar.
  • This means you get 42% of the rake you pay back to you in bonus money.
  • The welcome bonus is released in 10% chunks.

For example, to clear a $100 chunk of bonus, you need to generate 1200 points. Because you earn 5 points for every dollar in rake you pay, you need to pay a total of $240 in rake to release the money. That equates to a 41.7% rakeback as you clear the bonus. This is quicker than PokerStars (36%) and over twice as fast as WSOP (20%).

In addition, BetMGM Poker and Borgata give up to $75 in MTT tickets depending on how much is deposited.

BetMGM Poker Deposit Amount MTT Reward
$10 — $499 $25 (1x $20 MTT ticket & 1x $5 MTT ticket)
$500 — $999 $50 (1x $20 MTT ticket, 2x $10 MTT tickets, 2x $5 MTT tickets)
$1000+ $75 (2x $20 MTT tickets, 3x $10 MTT tickets, 1x $5 MTT ticket)

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Welcome Offer from WSOP Online Explained

WSOP LogoWSOP Online is an interesting proposition for new players looking to sign up. On paper, it offers the highest bonus amount in the US. $1,100 is up for grabs in bonus funds for those people looking to max out on the deposit match bonus. However, whether this is the right bonus for you depends on how much you play.

WSOP Online offers a deposit match bonus: a 100% match up to $1,000 on the first deposit only. You do not need to add a bonus code when depositing to take advantage of this offer.

The deposit match mechanics works the same way in every state: the bonus is released back to you in $5 installments as you play. You release this $5 chunk by earning 50 action player points playing online poker. Action points are earned at a rate of 2 for every dollar you pay in rake, so you need to pay $25 in rake for $5. This amounts to a 20% effective rakeback as you clear the bonus, which is much lower than deposit match bonuses at other sites.

This issue is compounded by the fact that you also only have 90 days to clear the bonus — on other sites, you get 120 days. So unless you are a very high volume player, you will likely struggle to clear the full amount. A $1000 bonus will require you paying $5000 in rake over 3 months.

  • Deposit $1000, get $1000 in deposit match bonus.
  • This will be released in $5 installments.
  • Play poker and earn $25 in rake. This generates 50 points, which releases the $5 bonus money.
  • Repeat this as many times as possible — up to 200 times — to clear as much of the $1000 bonus as possible within 90 days.

In addition, depending on which get a free-play bonus as well: up to $100 in free play plus extras in the form of freeroll tickets or spins on their prize wheel.

The free money offer is available in Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Make a minimum $10 deposit to receive the free play money immediately in your account. Unlike the deposit match, this money is put into your account immediately, but it has the same wagering requirement (5x, equivalent of 20% rakeback) in order to be eligible for withdrawal. Exactly how much you get depends on your deposit amount:

Deposit Bonus Funds
$10 to $250 $25 bonus
$251 to $500 $50 bonus
$501 to $999 $75 bonus
$1000+ Get a full $100 in bonus funds

Finally, all players get one other freebie: Either seven spins on their prize wheel or, in Pennsylvania, seven freeroll tickets.

All combined, it is a big welcome package for new players and whether you deposit $50 or $1000 you’ll get a lot of extras. Just be aware of the speed to clear the deposit match bonus and don’t assume you’ll unlock it all within the 90 day period.

State $100 Freeplay? $1,000 Deposit Match Extra Perks
Michigan Free spins
New Jersey Free spins
Nevada Free spins
Pennsylvania Freerolls

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Comparing Online Poker Bonus Codes Across all Operators in US

The table below provides a comparison of online poker bonus codes across three major operators in the US. Each operator offers a 100% deposit match, but the maximum amount varies. PokerStars matches up to $600, while BetMGM Poker and WSOP each offer a match up to $1000.

The earn rates, which indicate the percentage of the bonus that can be earned per wager, vary significantly: with PokerStars at 36%, BetMGM Poker at 42%, and WSOP at 20%. Additionally, the duration for which the bonus remains valid varies: PokerStars and BetMGM Poker offer 120 days, whereas WSOP provides 90 days. These two facts combined mean that, while WSOP’s bonus is the largest, its clearance terms are significantly worse than the competition.

Each operator also includes specific extras and perks. PokerStars offers up to $150 in free play as an alternative; BetMGM Poker includes up to $75 in MTT (multi-table tournament) tickets, and WSOP provides up to $100 in extra funds along with free spins or freeroll tickets.

Operator Deposit Match Earn Rate Bonus Expires Extras Perks State Specifics
PokerStars 100% up to $600 36% 120 days Or up to $150 in free play Same in all states: NJ, MI, PA
BetMGM Poker 100% up to $1000 42% 120 days Up to $75 in MTT tickets Same in all states: NJ, MI, PA
WSOP 100% up to $1000 20% 90 days Up to $100 in extra funds Free Spins & Freeroll Tickets No extra funds for players in NV. Freeroll tickets for PA

How to Sign Up to an Online Poker Site in the US

The hard part is over. You have chosen which online poker you want to sign up depending on which state you are in. The rest is easy as pie.

  • Sign up for an Account: Follow the on screen prompts to start the registration process. You will be prompted to enter your personal details and set a user name and password.
  • Identity Checks: You will asked to confirm your personal details when signing up. This is because online poker sites want to make sure you are who you say you are and are playing under your real name and identity.
  • Download relevant mobile app: All top online poker sites have apps in the App Store, Google Play Store, or directly via the operator’s site.
  • Deposit into Account: Now it’s time to get those perks, just make sure you add in the relevant bonus code or opt in to the welcome offer.

Online Poker Bonus Codes in US, FAQ

What is the welcome offer at PokerStars US?

PokerStars offers a deposit match bonus of a 100% match up to $600 deposited. Or players can opt in to receive $150 in free play tickets after playing one cash game hand at any stakes. The free play tickets can be used at the online casino and poker tables.

Does BetMGM Poker have a bonus code for US sites?

BetMGM Poker offers players a deposit match bonus along with up to $75 in MTTs. Use bonus code POKERFUSE to qualify.

What is the WSOP welcome offer?

WSOP Online offers a combo of a deposit match bonus and depending on your state, free play and extra perks such as spins on their 'Winner Spinner Wheel’.

Does WSOP Online have a bonus code?

Nope. All you need to do is make a deposit for the first time and the welcome offer will be applied to your account.

Is the WSOP Online welcome offer the same in all states?

No, the WSOP varies slightly per state. Namely, in Nevada the WSOP have stopped offering up to $100 in free play. Plus in Pennsylvania players received depositor freeroll tickets, rather then spin on their prize wheel as per other states.

Does the bonus codes for PokerStars work in all regulated states?

Yes! Bonus code STARS600 can be used for players signing up to PokerStars in Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Does BetMGM Poker offer same bonus across all US states?

Yes, the BetMGM Poker welcome offer is the same in all its markets: New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Does PokerStars offer two welcome offers or just one?

PokerStars offers just one welcome offer to new players, but unlike competitor offers, the PokerStars offer allows the player to choose between two welcome packages. One is a deposit match bonus and the other is $150 in free play tickets.

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