Exclusive: 6 Card Omaha Soon to Debut on PokerStars Exclusive: 6 Card Omaha Soon to Debut on PokerStars

It appears that PokerStars may be looking to deploy *6 Card Omaha*—a game that was once offered by Full Tilt, pokerfuse has learned.

Six Card Omaha or 6-O, as the name suggests, plays the same as regular Omaha, except that each player receives six hole cards instead of four. The basic rule of Omaha— you must use two hole cards and three cards from the community board to make the best five card hand—still applies.

Because players are dealt more hole cards, the game features extremely high variance and swings. Six hole cards means players can potentially be dealt a straight, triple suited cards or even three pairs. As a result, the probability of hitting high strong hands increases significantly. Flushes, full houses and even quads are common sightings in this game.

Six Card Omaha has been around for many years, particularly in live games in the UK, both at the casino and in home games. However, the game is not so ubiquitous in online poker.

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Full Tilt was the only major online poker room that spread the format before it migrated to PokerStars in mid-2016. The game made its way to Full Tilt way back in 2013 and was available for real-money play for almost three years.

However, once Full Tilt switched onto PokerStars’ software platform, the game was dropped as PokerStars’ software did not support the game. The game proved to be very popular among niche audiences when offered on Full Tilt due to the nature of the game. Once removed, many players went on to poker forums and social media requesting PokerStars add Six Card Omaha.

It appears that PokerStars has listened to the players, although it is coming four years later.

Pot Limit 6 Card Omaha is believed to be the next addition to the long list of Omaha variants offered on the site. PokerStars already offers regular Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 Card Omaha, and Courchevel—a 5 card Omaha format where the first card of the flop is dealt before the “pre-flop” betting round.

6 Card Omaha would be the fifth Omaha variant offered by PokerStars.

6 Card Omaha Likely to be a Permanent Game Offering

Unlike some of the novelty cash game variants that were released by PokerStars in the last two years, such as Deep Water Hold’em, Tempest Hold’em, Showtime Hold’em, etc, 6 Card Omaha is likely to be a permanent game offering, just as 5 Card Omaha and Courchevel games have been available on PokerStars since their debut.

However, at this time, no Six Card Omaha games are being spread, but they are likely to go live in the PokerStars’ client soon.

The game is expected to be available in HU and 6-max format, as the game can only accommodate seven players before the deck is exhausted.

We also expect Six Card Omaha to be available in all three formats— cash games, Sit & Gos and tournaments.

Hold’em/Omaha Hybrid Variant Fusion Returns

Meanwhile, PokerStars has brought back its exclusive Hold’em and Omaha hybrid game, Fusion, for real-money at cash game tables in global markets.

In Fusion, players are dealt two hole cards just like Hold’em, but once a flop is dealt, all remaining players are dealt a third card face down followed by another on the turn, ultimately transitioning the game into regular Omaha.

The game made its debut in November 2018 and was replaced by 6+ Hold’em in January 2019 which today continues to be spread.

Fusion did return in 2019 for a brief period but in MTT format. It becomes the first novelty variant by PokerStars to return in cash game format.

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