The New WSOP Online Software: What's In, What's Out The New WSOP Online Software: What's In, What's Out

Earlier this week, WSOP rolled out its new software in New Jersey and Nevada, ending years of anticipation. Players in these states now have access to the modern poker features that have been available on WSOP Michigan and WSOP Pennsylvania since the start.

The software upgrade was accompanied by the merger of Michigan player pool with New Jersey and Nevada, making WSOP the first operator to connect these three jurisdictions. The new platform also introduced a new name, WSOP Online, replacing the former branding.

While the expanded player pool is no doubt a welcome change for NJ and NV players, the software upgrade has been long overdue. This update marks the end of the classic software, which had been used for a decade in these two states and lacked many modern features.

All New WSOP Online Platform

The new platform, provided by WSOP’s partner 888poker and branded as “Poker 8,” represents a significant advancement in player experience. It features a sleeker, modern look, redesigned tables, improved filters, and supports various popular features such as mystery bounties, showing stack in big blind, rabbit hunt, and not to mention, a completely new WSOP Online app for mobile devices including support for PLO and the ability to play up to four tables simultaneously.

While the new software introduces a variety of exciting features, certain games and options have been omitted. In this article, we explore which games and features have been added, which have been removed, and what can be expected to be added in the future. This will help New Jersey and Nevada players become more familiar with the changes.

Last verified: June 2024
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Features of the New WSOP Online Platform

New Look

WSOP Online Mystery Bounty Tournaments

As mentioned earlier, the new software represents a significant overhaul of the overall design. The previously cramped layout has been transformed into a much cleaner and more modern look and feel overall.

Tables have been redesigned, and lobbies have received a complete revamp with separate sections for each game type, along with new cashier and settings menus. Dark red and dark grey are the primary colors in the new client, resulting in a cleaner and more streamlined interface.

Plus, each game type features its own table themes. For example, bounty games have a distinct layout, while BLAST, the operator’s lottery-style sit and go, has a different theme. Upon reaching the final table, the table glows.

New Tournament Formats

Arguably the most appealing aspect of the new software is its support for trendier game formats like Progressive Knockouts (PKOs) and Mystery Bounty Tournaments. Today, bounty tournaments are highly favored among players, often producing big prize pools. While the old platform did support the traditional knockout format, it became outdated as progressive knockouts and mystery bounties became the new standard.

Furthermore, the new software also supports Multi-Flight tournaments, another popular format among operators. These tournaments facilitate larger prize pools by allowing players multiple chances on separate days to qualify for Day 2, typically the stage where prizes are awarded.

All these three formats are part of the upcoming online bracelet schedule in New Jersey, Nevada and Michigan.

WSOP Online Mobile App

New Mobile App and Functionality

The new platform introduces much-needed enhancements not only to the desktop but also to the mobile app. In fact, the upgraded mobile app delivers a completely new experience for players, featuring a fresh table design and new features.

For instance, playing up to four tables at once is now possible and Omaha games are now supported on mobile devices. Furthermore, the new mobile app allows for single-handed play thanks to the new portrait layout, eliminating the need to switch to landscape mode, which typically requires two hands. It also supports modern features such as biometric login.

From now on, NJ and NV players can enjoy the possibility of playing multiple games alongside bracelet events, as well as PLO bracelet events, all on mobile.

New Game Features

The upgrade extends beyond skin-deep improvements, offering NJ and NV players a plethora of new features to enjoy. These include “Rabbit Hunting,” which reveals the cards that would have appeared on the community board had the hand played out to its conclusion, “Show Stack in Big Blinds,” a popular feature displaying stack sizes and bet amounts in terms of big blinds, and a new hand replayer.

Furthermore, there are additional throwables options, new animation and sound effects, emojis, improved filters and a lot more.

New Promotions

In addition to introducing new game features and formats, WSOP’s upgraded software also enables new types of promotions that were unavailable in the old client. One of the most noteworthy features is the Card Strike promotion.

Already available to Michigan and Pennsylvania players, Card Strike is now accessible to NJ and NV players as well. It is a permanent card-collection cash game promotion, offering players the opportunity to win up to $25,000 in extra cash prizes. Players simply need to opt in and match their hole cards on a bingo-style board. Completing the board allows players to spin a wheel for a chance to win a cash prize of up to $25,000.

Furthermore, the new software includes a daily Winner Spinner promotion, where players can earn extra prizes just for logging in. Upon spinning the wheel, players have the chance to win cash prizes, free bets, tournament tickets, bonuses, and more. These two promotions were not feasible on the old platform.

Revamped BLAST Structure & New Buy-ins

In the older client, the operator’s lottery-style sit and go game BLAST was played four-handed. However, in the new software, the game has transitioned to the industry-standard three-handed format.

This allows games to start faster as there is less waiting time between games. Besides, the game also no longer supports the countdown feature that previously forced players all-in once the timer ran out and the blinds now move up 1 minute.

The rest of the mechanism remains consistent with the previous client: the prize pool is randomly determined at the game’s outset, and the starting chips and prize pool distribution are dictated by the multiplier randomly assigned to the game.

Also, the operator has added new buy-ins including 30 cents, $20 and $50 games.

Re-Entry Mechanism

The old client supported the traditional rebuy mechanism under which players had to make a quick decision immediately after getting eliminated, and if they missed the rebuy window or opted not to rebuy, they forfeited the opportunity to re-enter the tournament later during the late registration period.

However, in the updated client, players have the freedom to re-enter tournaments at their own discretion as long as the late registration period remains open. This means that even if a player leaves the table or closes the lobby following elimination, they can still rejoin the action by paying the buy-in and re-entering the tournament.

Last verified: June 2024
Special Signup Offer
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  • * in NJ, MI, and PA; Free Play offer is currently paused in NV
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What’s Left Out

Stud & Stud 8

While the updated client has introduced multiple new tournament formats, certain game types had to be omitted. This includes Stud Hi and Stud Hi/Lo, which are no longer supported in the new platform. Previously, these games were available in cash game format across various stakes and ran occasionally.

Full Ring Cash Games & SNGs

Also excluded from the new software are the full ring cash game tables and sit & go’s. Previously, the older software facilitated 9-handed cash games across multiple stakes. However, the new WSOP Online platform only offers 6-handed cash game tables.

Furthermore, single table 9-handed sit and go tournaments have been eliminated. SNGs are now exclusively available in heads-up and 6-handed formats for both NLHE and PLO variants.

No Rematch Feature in Heads-Up SNGs

A minor feature allowing players to rematch in heads-up sit and go tournaments has been removed and is no longer accessible in the updated client.

Chat Remains Omitted

Although the chat feature was once available in the old client for players in New Jersey and Nevada, it was removed several years ago. Similarly, in the updated client, chat functionality remains absent. Instead, players can communicate using emojis or exchange virtual items.

What is Expected to be Added in the Future

WSOP Online New Tournament Widget

Tournament Widget

A notable feature absent from the updated client is the “sneak peek menuavailable only to Pennsylvania players as of now. This feature offers MTT players real-time updates on critical tournament data — such as the current blind level, payouts, next money jump, and the number of remaining players — without leaving the table.

Expect this feature to be introduced for WSOP NJ and WSOP NV players in the near future.

New Daily & Weekly Tournaments

With a bigger player pool now, expect WSOP to introduce several new tournaments in the daily and weekly tournament schedule with bigger guarantees.