One Year of Regulated Online Poker in Pennsylvania: A Look Back at the Tournament Series and Promotions at PokerStars PA

This month marks the first anniversary of PokerStars in Pennsylvania with the full launch of online poker and online casino operations one year ago on November 6 following a two-day limited soft launch period.

To mark the celebration of its one-year anniversary, the room is currently running its 1st anniversary tournament series with $1 million in guarantees across 35 events.

Today, PokerStars PA remains the only online poker room authorized to spread poker games over the internet in the state, although other operators are progressing towards launching in the Keystone State.

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Now that a whole year has passed, let us take a look back at how the room fared in terms of promotions and tournament series.

One Year of Promotions on PokerStars PA

Since going live in the market, PokerStars has been quite active with its efforts to attract and reward players with a good mix of over two dozen promotions, an average of two promotions per month.

In this section we will look at the promotions that ran independent of the tournament series that ran on PokerStars PA.

The giveaways started with a sizeable launch promotion, including welcome and deposit bonuses for all players and “We are in Pennsylvania” welcome freerolls. Those giveaways were immediately followed up with a Christmas Calendar and a Card Hunt poker puzzle promotion in December last year.

The promotions continued into 2020 with daily poker challenges in the form of Cardex and Golden Button Challenges as well as Stars Rewards giveaways such as the Vault and Mystery House, which gave players a chance to win up to $5000 every day during the course of the promotions.

In total, PokerStars PA ran 13 non-tournament-related promotions in its first twelve months, and though the total amount given away has not been made public, a quick glance at the table compiled below indicates that more that $500,000 in promotions was made available to online poker players in Pennsylvania.

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PokerStars PA Promotions

Promotion Dates Giveaway Amount Type of Promotion
We Are in Pennsylvania Freerolls Nov 7 – 11, 2019 $30,000 Freerolls
Christmas Calendar Dec 1 – 24, 2019 Win Up to $1000 on Christmas Day Stars Rewards Chest
Card Hunt Dec 23 – Jan 12, 2020 Win Up to $5000 Every Day Daily Poker Challenge
Cardex Jan 27 – Feb 9, 2020 Win Up to $5000 Every Day Daily Poker Challenge
PokerStars 19th Anniversary Mar 16 – Apr 3 Win Up to $10,000 Stars Rewards Chest
Chest and Ladders Apr 13 – May 3 $100,000 Stars Rewards Chest
Golden Button Apr 16 – May 3 Win Up to $5000 Every Day Daily Poker Challenge
Cardex May 4 – 24 Win Up to $5000 Every Day Daily Poker Challenge
Stars Rewards Showdown May 11 – 31 Win Up to $2500 Stars Rewards Chest
Cardex July 27 – Aug 16 Win Up to $5000 Every Day Daily Poker Challenge
The Vault Aug 10 – Aug 30 $175,000 Stars Rewards Chest
Mystery House Oct 12 – Nov 1 $175,000 Stars Rewards Chest
Golden Button Oct 12 – Nov 1 Win Up to $5000 Every Day Daily Poker Challenge

Over $8 Million in Guaranteed Prize Money in Tournament Series on PokerStars PA

PokerStars PA also ran numerous tournament promotions in conjunction with the eight tournament series it ran in its first year.

Just weeks after the site dealt its first hand, the operator announced its first-ever tournament series, PACOOP, an acronym for the Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker, which featured $1.25 million in guarantees across 50 events.

In January this year, the Winter Series ran followed by a knockout-exclusive Bounty Builder Series.

In April, PokerStars PA ran its biggest tournament series to date, PASCOOP – the Spring edition of the Pennsylvania Online Championship brand. It eventually paid out over $3 million in total prize money.

During the summer period, the operator hosted an aptly-named Summer Series and another Bounty Builder Series.

In addition to tournament series, PokerStars PA also one-off special tournaments including two Pennsyl-MANIA events, one of which produced a record prize pool of over $500,000 in May. The second running took place in August.

The operator also ran Half Price and Knockout Special Sunday major tournaments.

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PokerStars PA Series and Special Tournaments

Tournament Promotions Dates GTD
PACOOP Nov 30 – Dec 16, 2019 $1.225 million
Winter Series Jan 25 – Feb 1 $675,000
Bounty Builder Series Feb 20 – Mar 1 $500,000
PASCOOP Apr 4 – 20 $2 million
Pennsyl-Mania May 17 $250,000
Summer Series June 18 – 28 $750,000
Half Price Sunday July 5 $131,000
Bounty Builder Series July 12 – 26 $1.5 million
KO Sunday Aug 2 $131,000
Pennsyl-Mania Aug 23 $350,000
PACOOP Sep 19 – Oct 5 $1.5 million
Pennsylvania 1st Anniversary Series Nov 8 – 15 $1 million