High Stakes Online Cash Report: Haxton Scores Big High Stakes Online Cash Report: Haxton Scores Big
Key Takeaways
  • Highlights of the week in high stakes online poker.

The week’s action produced two high profile 6 figure winners and only one player finishing up the week with a loss over the $100,000 mark. All in all, most of the action was produced from a single day’s play on the PLO tables, but the 8-Game tables also produced some notable wins and losses.

Top 10 Online Poker Winners

On the PLO tables Isaac “Ike” Haxton was at the top of his game this week. According to highstakesdb.com he made a $156,966 profit becoming the first PokerStars player in months to take the top spot in the weekly High Stakes Online Cash Report. In addition to his PokerStars wins, he also added another $40,470 to his overall poker bankroll playing under the name luvtheWNBA at Full Tilt Poker.

On Full Tilt, Haxton won $37,657 in 3 sessions of heads-up poker versus Viktor “Isildur1” Blom on Monday. He added $3,993 to his Full Tilt winnings the next day playing PLO practicing for what was going to be a whitewash win later in the week via his PokerStars account.

Four days later, over on PokerStars, Haxton played 1,136 hands winning a 6 figure sum before logging off and opting not to return for more action for the remainder of the week.

His victim was the unknown n0d1ceb4by, a player regularly seen at the PLO tables at PokerStars. The pair played $50/$100 and $100/$200 PLO. The heads up duel ground out over 8 sessions that lasted approximately 5.5 hours. During that time Haxton went up $76,000 before the stakes were increased to the $100/$200. The increase in blind levels proved to be of little help to n0d1ceb4by, as Haxton continued his earlier rampage leaving his opponent with a huge dent his bankroll by the time the pair ceased play at roughly 9am that day.

Some of the highlights of the match came via 3 key pots that Haxton managed to win. He took down a $36,000 pot by getting his opponent to fold to a check-raise, then he pulled in a $66,200 pot on the $100/$200 tables, and forced another fold to take down a $58.1 pot wrapping up a perfect day for the US pro.

Punting-Peddler was the only other 6 figure winner over the week. Most notably the Macau based player has now appeared in the ‘Top 10 Online Poker Winners’ column for the third time in 3 weeks, and for the second week in a row made a 6 figure profit.

Over the last 3 weeks Punting-Peddler has racked up $352,695, and he has achieved this feat in a mere 24 sessions of online poker.

Most of “Punting-Peddler’s” winnings over this last week’s processions came via an ever commanding presence on the 8-Game tables. On Monday and Tuesday 5 sessions and 1,359 hands manufactured a $96,794 profit; while a light 2 sessions of Draw on Monday produced a $22,229 profit leaving the Macau pro with a $122,714 haul for the week.

1st Ike Haxton $156,966 PokerStars
2nd punting-peddler $122,714 Full Tilt
3rd mikki696 $62,440 PokerStars
4th ChaoRen160 $46,922 PokerStars
5th luvtheWNBA $40,470 Full Tilt
6th 0WTFOMFGOAO $38,265 PokerStars
7th no122 $37,377 PokerStars
8th samrostan $36,765 Full Tilt
9th Seb86 $35,973 PokerStars
10th PeterParka $28,016 PokerStars

Top 10 Online Poker Losers

n0d1ceb4by suffered the largest loss after the aforementioned 5.5 hour heads-up battle with the biggest winner this week—Isaac Haxton. This was incidentally the only 6 figure loss while there were two players that came incredibly close to the mark.

Crazy Elior was closest with a $96,702 forfeiture in 1 session and 260 hands of 8-Game after falling victim to the in-form Punting-Peddler.

As for AckmaJin, a last ditch effort made sure the PokerStars regular was not going to finish the week with a 6 figure shortfall. It all started on Thursday with a $112,333 drop playing PLO that was made worse on Friday after losing yet another $48,342 in the same game. The combined losses meant AckmaJin had a $160,675 deficit to make up.

Persistence paid off as the online player stuck to PLO and managed a comeback on Sunday winning $68,350 to finish the week a $92,325 loser.

Follow The Hawk was another noteworthy addition to the Top 10 Online Poker Losers column with $164,156 worth of losses added over the last 3 weeks.

1st n0d1ceb4by $158,762 PokerStars
2nd Crazy Elior $98,010 Full Tilt
3rd AckmaJin $92,325 PokerStars
4th Ra1syDa1sy $61,111 PokerStars
5th SanIker $59,156 Full Tilt
6th Follow The Hawk $55,065 Full Tilt
7th TCfromUB $47,196 PokerStars
8th Lefort $37,631 PokerStars
9th 8superpoker $33,487 PokerStars
10th St1ckman $27,007 PokerStars

None of the top names overall for the year were in action this week, and none of the players in action made any contribution to this year’s top winners and losers. With the WSOP almost drawing to an end, online cash game fans of the high stakes scene can expect the action to liven up very soon as post WSOP fever settles in.