The international portion of the World Series of Poker Online 2020, running on GGPoker, has completed a second weekend. The successful resumption of paused tournaments from Week 1 ran alongside other big guaranteed bracelet events, with no technical issues.

The operator will certainly be breathing a sigh of relief after a faulty start last week. An “overwhelming number of players,” the company said at the time, unearthed various technical issues that forced the postponement of the final days of the first two bracelet events.

It also suffered a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) in the early hours of Monday morning. The operator had to conduct emergency maintenance during the week to bolster its DDoS protection, fix client bugs and update server software.

Still, since that difficult first weekend, things have apparently been running smoothly. The operator completed a week of smaller bracelet events without a hitch, including the PLO Championship, the Fifty Stack, and the Monster Stack Asia.

The events paused in the first weekend—The Opener and the charity Every 1 for Covid Relief—both resumed yesterday and completed successfully. And its second and third big bracelet events with guaranteed prize pools, the COLOSSUS and the Omaha-edition POLOSSUS, also both successfully played out their final days yesterday.

Each easily surpassed its guarantee. The Opener, as previously reported, sailed through its $2 million guarantee by attracting over 29,000 $100 entries to amass a prize pool of $2.7 million.

The operator has only built on that early success with COLOSSUS and PLOSSUS. Each blew through its guarantee by more than 50%, with the former attracting 12,757 entries and the latter 4356. Combined, the two built a prize pool of over $6.4 million

They achieved this with a string of phases across the week. The Opener had eight Day 1 flights; the PLOSSUS and COLOSSUS had over a dozen. Players are permitted to enter every flight and re-enter in each one once. The largest stack was carried through to the final day.