Online poker revenue in Denmark dropped to another all-time low in Q2 2018. Operators generated only 24.9 million DKK over the quarter, an average of 1 million DKK less per month that the previous quarter. Q2 2018 represents the second consecutive quarter in which the market has sunk to its lowest point in history, a distinction it has achieved in four of the last five quarters.

While the market has only once had a quarter with year-over-year growth (Q2 2015), last quarter represented the largest year-over-year decline with revenues falling 24.5%.

Online casino games posted their largest month on record in June totaling 184 million DKK. Online slots accounted for nearly 63% of that revenue with poker accounting for just 4%.

Total online gaming revenue (including sports betting) continued its upward trend generating 1492.5 million DKK, its highest amount for any quarter on record.

On the strength of wagers on the World Cup, online sports betting notched its second highest quarter bringing in more than 430 million DKK.

Overall, online casino games continued to outpace the other gaming verticals by generating more than 500 million DKK for the quarter.