Marketing Insight


PokerStars has been sending daily emails to the media explaining milestones in the poker room’s history. The snippets of PokerStars history help poker writers fill out their promotions of the daily milestone missions which players have been offered this month.

The milestone promotion celebrates the acquisition of the company’s 100 millionth customer. The daily press releases are an innovative way of securing additional poker media coverage of the promotion. Typically, affiliate sites are encouraged to promote marketing events before they happen. PokerStars is keeping the pressure on throughout the 100 Million Celebration.

As part of the new strategy to tilt rewards towards recreational players, every month PokerStars is giving away $60,000 as prize pools for freeroll tournaments.

The PokerStars Giveaway offers four freerolls per day, one of which is in the All-In shootout format. All tournaments are free to enter and feature $500 in added prizes. Every real money player receives two free tickets per month, but additional tickets can be earned by making deposits or completing challenges accessible through the PokerStars “My Challenges Window.”