GVC’s online poker site partypoker has introduced a slate of new policies over the last couple of weeks as its efforts to improve the ecology of its player pool and level the playing field continue into 2020.

Perhaps most notable is the introduction of King of the Hill (KOTH) across its heads-up cash game tables. The site has also banned “queuing” third party software, designed to help players avoid other good opponents at “blind lobby” games like Spins, and expanded their real name policy to make it mandatory at satellites and online Day 1s of partypoker live tournaments.

“The changes form part of partypoker’s ongoing drive to make the site the fairest online poker destination,” the operator stated on announcing the introduction of KOTH in late January.

Only One

The KOTH system aims to reduce the predatory nature of heads-up games and encourage regular players to play each other by restricting the number of tables at each stake.

Players can only wait to play at one table of each type and if they sit out they are ejected from the table. This stops players from waiting for a weak opponent to play: If they wish to keep the table, they must play against all challengers.