GGPoker's Lottery-Style Sit & Go Format “Spin & Gold” Goes Live GGPoker's Lottery-Style Sit & Go Format “Spin & Gold” Goes Live

Fast-growing online poker network, GGPoker, has introduced its much-awaited lottery-style sit and go game under the name “Spin & Gold”

Launched earlier today, Spin & Gold is set up much like other lottery sit and go games: Three-handed, fast-structured format, where the jackpot prize is randomized at the start of each tournament.

However, GGPoker’s version of a lottery-style SNG comes with a couple of innovative twists including an optional insurance feature, allowing players to win back the buy-in should a 2x multiplier jackpot prize hit.

Additionally, the game comes with in-game special challenges, allowing players to earn additional cashback of up to 60%.

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Four Buy-ins; Dynamic Starting Stack and Flatter Payouts

Spin & Gold games are currently spread in four different buy-ins—the lowest being $1, followed by $5 and $20 with $50 being the highest. Each of the buy-ins award prize pools randomly between 2x and 12,000x, meaning players can win up to $12,000 in a $1 buy-in game and $600,000 in a $50 buy-in game.

The top prize pool is triggered one time every 1 million tournaments. The bottom 2x prize is the most frequent at 46.5%, but approximately 53% of the times, the jackpot prize pool is 3x or more. Multipliers higher than 3x include 5x, 10x, 25x, 120x, 240x and the highest 12,000x.

The structure of Spin & Gold is slightly different from the industry standard. The blind structure is faster for lower multipliers and slower for higher multipliers. Players receive 200 chips (10 big blinds) each time a 2x prize is hit, 300 chips (15 big blinds) if 3x is the multiplier and 500 chips (25 big blinds) if it is 5x or more.

Spin and Gold Payouts

Multiplier Probability 1st (buy-ins) 2nd (buy-ins) 3rd (buy-ins)
2x 46.4882% 2 0 0
3x 44.4012% 3 0 0
5x 8.5000% 5 0 0
10x 0.5000% 8 2 0
25x 0.1000% 20 5 0
120x 0.0075% 80 30 10
240x 0.0030% 160 60 20
12,000x 0.0001% 5000 4000 3000

Another distinct feature of Spin & Gold is that the game pays out two places each time 10x and 25x multipliers are hit and three places when the prize pool hits 120x or higher.

Unlike other operators which reward more to the first place finisher when the highest jackpot prize pool is hit, in GGPoker’s version, the payouts are flatter. First place receives 41.7% of the jackpot prize pool, 2nd place receives 33.3% while 3rd place takes home 25%.

For instance, if the prize pool is $600,000, first place will receive around $250,000; 2nd place approximately $200,000 and third place will get $150,000. Usually, when a top multiplier of 12,000x hits, 10,000x would be awarded to the winner and 1000x to each of the two runner-ups as a consolation prize.

At 7% across the board, the rake is on the higher side. As a point of comparison, PokerStars charges between 5% and 8% while partypoker takes 4% to 8% as a tournament fee.

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Insurance and Spin & Gold Challenge

The most intriguing feature about Spin & Gold is its insurance feature. Normally, hitting the lowest 2x multiplier in a three-handed sit and go game is a losing spin, but GGPoker is offering players the opportunity to insure against hitting the lowest jackpot.

Players can opt for the insurance ahead of the start of the game by paying an extra buy-in. If a 2x multiplier hits, that player instantly gets their buy-in back and the insurance money refunded, basically turning the tournament into a freeroll. According to GGPoker, the 2x multiplier is hit 46.5% of the time.

Additionally, the game is accompanied by a loyalty program, dubbed Spin & Gold Challenge, awarding players up to 60% cashback.

To enjoy extra cashback, players must opt-in to the challenge. Players are then asked the length of the session they intend to play and are also presented with six choices of different cashback options, each with different targets.

Gold is “mined” each time a tournament is played. High buy-in tournaments earn more gold, and more is paid for finishing higher in the tournament. Players can earn up to $500.

This promotion is available to all players except in the UK.

Spin & Gold is GGPoker’s second take on the popular jackpot-based Sit & Go. Two years ago, the network launched Fortune Spin, its previous attempt on the format but the format was short-lived due to its unique take which proved unpopular.

GGPoker’s Spin & Gold Highlights:

  • Three-handed fast-paced tournament, where players can win up to 12,000 times the buy-in
  • Available in four different buy-ins: $1, $5, $20, and $50
  • Number of places paid depends on the multiplier
  • Payouts are flatter at higher multipliers
  • Faster blind structure for lower multipliers and slow structure for bigger multipliers
  • Frequency of 3x multiplier and higher is around 53%
  • 7% tournament fee is charged across all the buy-ins
  • Comes with an insurance feature, allowing players to get their buy-in back instantly should the prize pool hit the bottom 2x multiplier
  • Players earn an extra cashback of up to 60% thanks to the special Spin & Gold challenges that compliment the new game.

Along with Spin & Gold, GGPoker also launched some additional new game features including the option to squeeze board cards on the river as well as the “chip display change” option, allowing players to show their stack in big blinds or in different currencies available on GGPoker. The network also rolled out Sit & Go satellites to its game offerings.