PokerStars Introduces Personal “Prestige” Badges at the Tables PokerStars Introduces Personal “Prestige” Badges at the Tables

Leading online poker room PokerStars has rolled out an update to its client to add a new feature, Prestige badges, that let players display their accolades at the tables.

This new feature rewards any player who has won a major title or tournament on PokerStars with a special graphical button that can be added right next to the player’s avatar.

It is thought to be available in all its markets, though as of now only players on dot-com and the European segregated networks will be able to take advantage of this system.

Players have nearly a dozen of badges to shoot for. Currently, these are limited to tournament wins coming from PokerStars’ major series, such as SCOOP, WCOOP, Micro Millions and Stadium Series, in the dot-com markets, and Trio and Galactic Series for players in the European segregated markets.

Dot-com players that have won a Sunday major, such as Sunday Million and Sunday Storm, will also be able to showcase their achievements, as will players that have qualified for the operator’s PSPC and EPT live tours.

Players can only pick one prestige from the available list at a time. More badges covering different tournaments will be added in the future, the operator states.