PokerStars Giving Away $200,000 in August Casino Races PokerStars Giving Away $200,000 in August Casino Races

PokerStars USA is putting on some juicy Casino Race Leaderboards across its entire US network this month. The promotion is running in PS Casino PA, Stars Casino Michigan, and New Jersey throughout the whole of August.

In total, the operator is giving away $210,000 in prizes—$87,500 in PA and MI, plus $35,000 in NJ. And although the promo is well underway, there are new races every day through August 22—so there are still plenty of chances to get involved.

The races start at 18:45 ET, and each one lasts 24 hours. There is a daily prize pool of $1000 Sunday through Thursday in PA and MI, and $500 in NJ throughout that timeframe. Fridays and Saturdays will see those numbers bumped up, to $2500 and $1000 respectively.

From August 23 to 30, there are week-long Main Event Leaderboards, with $50,000 up for grabs in PA and MI, $20,000 in NJ. The top prizes are $10,000 and $4,000 respectively.

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How the Numbers Stack Up

The figures are somewhat down on the comparable promotion run by PokerStars in April, which saw $250,000 given away across the three jurisdictions.

The top 50 finishers each day will receive prizes. The bigger weekend prize pools in PA and MI will pay 150 players. The 7-day Main Events are reward the top 200 finishers in all three states.

Again, these numbers are considerably down on April, where 1200 players were paid out in the Main Event. However, the upshot of that is that the average prize is much bigger.

In PA and MI, the April Main Event paid out $30,000 between 1200 players giving an average prize of just $25. The $50,000 between 150 players this time round results in an average prize of $333, so those top spots are well worth fighting for.

How to Take Part in the Races

Players can qualify for the daily race through the Race URL which is available on the PokerStars website. Once there, they must opt-in to the Race of the Day.

Each day has a selection of featured slot games, which contribute points to that day’s leaderboard. The games change for every race and players must opt-in for each individual day that they wish to take part in.

It should be noted that points are only earned from winning wagers on featured games. Losing wagers do not earn points towards the leaderboard, and nor do wins on slots that are not in the day’s featured games.

However, points are awarded based on the size of a win relative to the wager amount rather than the overall monetary value. One point is awarded for every 1% win.

For example, a $100 return on a $50 bet, is a 100% win and therefore earns 100 points. While a $6 return on a $1 bet is a 500% win and earns 500 points.

The upshot of this is that players with smaller bankrolls have just as much chance of climbing high up the leaderboard, as players with unlimited funds. It is a very nice touch which makes the whole competition much fairer than it would be otherwise.

The August Leaderboard promotion is currently running, and continues until August 31 in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey.