888poker WPT DeepStacks Series in Full Swing 888poker WPT DeepStacks Series in Full Swing

The WPT DeepStacks Series has been running at 888poker since November 28, with a total of twenty events already in the books, and some sizable prize pools given away.

The WPT DeepStacks Series comes on the heels of a very successful 888poker XL Autumn Series which exceeded expectations and managed to break guarantees, including the $1,000,000 guarantee in the Main Event.

This time around, the operator is again offering some lucrative guaranteed prize pools, with buyins ranging from just $33 and all the way up to $5,200 in the Super High Roller event.

With a good chunk of the Series behind us, we take a look at the current situation, the overall turnout for the WPT DeepStacks Series, and what to expect going into the final days of the Series.

WPT DeepStacks Turnout and Highlights

The WPT DeepStacks Series kicked off at 888poker on November 28 with the $200,000 Opening Event, which had a $525 buyin and saw a total of 293 unique players enter, along with 66 rebuys. The first event having a significant overlay was of course a good sign for players looking to get some value from the Series at large.

Event #1 was won by Finnish player “Korpisoturi2” who took home more than $40,000 for his efforts in an event that set the tone for the rest of the Series.

A Mini Opening Event with a $55 buyin was hosted the same day, and this one fell just short of the $50,000 guaranteed prize pool. Romanian player “Blahaj” won this one for just over $7,700 and all the bragging rights.

Over the following days, a number of WPT DeepStacks Series event ensued, most with guaranteed prize pools either barely reached or a small overlay paid out to the participants.

On December 5th, the operator hosted Event #9, a $200,000 guaranteed PKO tournament with a $525 buyin. The overall guarantee was once again not reached with a total of 380 entries paid, and Brazilian player “GritinhO_Dzi” was crowned champion, taking home $40,500 in cash.

Another interesting tournament came on December 7, when Event #11, the $100,000 High Roller was hosted. The $2,100 tournament managed to get 54 entries and break the guarantee. Ukrainian player “SpielerKind” won the High Roller glory for over $25,000.

As the Series enters its final week, we are still seeing many overlays and plenty of value for players who choose to pay their entry fees into the WPT DeepStacks Series.

WPT DeepStacks ME Day 2 Looming

The big highlight of the WPT DeepStacks Series is, of course, Event #28 – $1,000,000 Main Event. The Main Event comes with a $1,050 buyin fee and Day 1 flights for this one started all the way back on December 5.

So far, a total of 462 players have entered Day 1, and only 80 of them have survived to make their way into Day 2 of the Main Event. Additional Day 1 flights will continue leading up to Day 2 on December 20, with a large number of players expected to enter over the weekend.

Satellite tournaments for the Main Event with multiple phases are still running at 888poker, and the operator is giving away over $200,000 in satellite entries through daily freeroll tournaments.

Apart from the Main Event, a number of other events are still on the schedule, including Event #25 – $200,000 Big Shot $109 ME, Event #26 – $75 Mini Main Event, and Event #27 – $200,000 Super High Roller.

Overall speaking, the WPT DeepStacks Series has been a success for 888poker thus far, although a number of tournaments failed to quite reach the expected guarantees and the jury is still out on the final turnout for the Series’ Main Event.