High Volume Players at PartyPoker Hit with Unannounced VIP Changes High Volume Players at PartyPoker Hit with Unannounced VIP Changes
Guillaume Paumier, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License
Key Takeaways
  • All instant cash bonuses have been removed from the store.
  • 30% rakeback can only be obtained if $50,000 is raked, unlocking a $15k bonus.
  • All changes occurred over the weekend, and players were not forewarned of the changes.

Without prior warning, changes were made to the VIP system at PartyPoker over the weekend that has adversely affected higher-volume players.

Previously, players had the option of using PartyPoker points for instant cash. These were converted at a lower rate than other bonuses, but were popular among some players. All instant cash bonuses have been removed, leaving only bonuses that require play-through to cash out.

More importantly, however, is the change to bonus tiers. Although a max redemption rate of $0.15 per point is still available—equivalent to 30% rakeback—players must now accumulate 100,000 points to reach this level and unlock a $15,000 bonus.

Previously, this redemption rate could be achieved with only 20,000 points, unlocking a $3000 bonus. Now, those 20,000 points can only purchase bonuses that give an equivalent of 20% rakeback.

100,000 points will be unachievable for many players. In addition to having to stockpile such a high number of points, the bonus, once unlocked, requires additional play-through to be converted into cash. These higher requirements will likely force many players to redeem points at lower redemption rates.