PokerStars Increases Zoom Table Limits PokerStars Increases Zoom Table Limits

Following an update last night, players can now play up to eight tables at once on PokerStars Zoom cash game tables.

Previously players were limited to 24 tables at once, and a single Zoom table counted for four regular tables. This meant only six Zoom tables could be played at the same time.

But following yesterdays change, a Zoom table now just counts for three regular tables, permitting up to eight Zoom tables—if a player can keep up.

There is still a limit of 4 entries in a single Zoom pool, so a player will have to play more than one stake (or game) to play more five or more. Alternatively, a player could mix and match, say, four Zoom tables and up to 12 regular cash tables.

And if eight Zoom games is not enough for you, then perhaps you just need to act faster. The 24-table cap on all tables is no longer a hard limit: PokerStars raises—and lowers—this maximum on a per-player basis, based on the average speed a player responds to action. The system is automated: Act faster than average when playing 24 tables over an extended period of time, and you will be given a higher table cap; if you always slow down the game, you may see your 24-table cap reduced.

The new flexible rule was first considered back in January when Nanonoko needed to play up to 40 tables to set a new world record, and introduced in March. Since then, although only a small number of players are affected by the new rules, some players are now 32-tabling. Or, if they now choose, 10 tables of Zoom plus a couple of cash tables on the side.

In comparison, Full Tilt’s Rush Poker, which first popularized the concept of fast-fold poker, had a four table maximum at Zoom and a 16-table cap on all cash games.

Correction: The original article stated that players could request higher table caps. The system is in fact automated.