PokerStars Considers Table Limit Changes as "Nanonoko" Sets World Record PokerStars Considers Table Limit Changes as "Nanonoko" Sets World Record
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PokerStars has indicated that it is considering changing its policy of a fixed maximum of 24 cash tables per player, lifting or reducing the cap based on player ability, after a successful world record was set for playing up to 40 tables for eight hours.

Randy “nanonoko” Lew succeeded in being the first to set a new world record for most number of online cash poker hands played in eight hours whilst finishing with a profit. At one stage the PokerStars team pro was down $1200, but he moved up to higher stakes and managed to cross the finish line with a total profit of $7.65. Total hands played: 23,493.

Specifically for this record attempt, PokerStars lifted the limit on how many cash game tables Lew could sit at: Normally players are restricted to maximum of 24 at once, but for Lew this was raised to 40 tables. He averaged 37 tables during the eight hour endurance test.

According to PokerStars representative Steve Day, the poker room may consider both raising and reducing table limits for other players – if they can act fast enough.

“Only nanonoko can 40-table at the moment. We’ll look at increasing and decreasing per player based on average time to act in the near future,” he wrote in response to inquisitive SuperNova Elite-chasers on poker forum 2+2.

The current plan is to review high-volume players on a monthly basis. Players may receive, for example, “a warning and a reduction from 24 to 20 a month later” if they are acting too slowly. Day stressed that the plan is not finalized.

Announced back in December with ideas solicited from the community, the event, officiated by a Guinness World Record Judge, took place live at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA), an annual series of live events in The Bahamas.