The experience is now closer to that on PokerStars or Full Tilt, and is reportedly smoother, faster, and more fluid. The highly-anticipated “all new” poker client from PartyPoker is now in private beta-testing, ahead of a general release that has been slated for August.

According to one expert’s opinion, who has tested the software and talked exclusively to pokerfuse, the software changes are more incremental, rather than an entire overhaul or complete rethink of online poker.

There are new social features and “achievements,” a reskinned table and lobby, and new features that aid both new players and multi-tablers. The playing experience is improved, but not revolutionary.

Alarmists concerned that would make radical changes to the game itself, as part of the new recreational player strategy, can set aside their fears—the new client is an improved model, slicker in many respects, with social features added, but it is still pure poker.