Winamax was seeking a software engineer to develop an integrated poker tracking feature. The proof of concept was to utilize players' own statistical data as well as their opponents'.

French online poker operator Winamax has shown interest in implementing a built-in Heads Up Display (HUD) into its software, PRO can reveal.

The use of HUDs is a controversial topic in the online poker industry, with several operators taking steps to limit the use of such third-party software. Others explicitly allow their use on their platforms.

As with much of the industry, Winamax permits HUDs but prohibits sharing of hand histories and “data mining.” However, last year Winamax posted an opening for an internship looking for a software engineer “to develop a poker tracker integrated to the Winamax poker game application (HUD, profiles, statistics) and an API allowing interoperability with third-party software.”

“The objective will be to develop a prototype 'proof of concept’ to demonstrate the technical feasibility of the project,” the posting states.