PokerStars Ends Randomized Rewards in India PokerStars Ends Randomized Rewards in India

PokerStars has rolled out changes to its Stars Rewards program in India as its fight to take on the biggest operators in the market continues.

Rewards have now become fixed, ending the system of awarding randomized prizes to players. This is one of the cornerstones of its Stars Rewards program that it has deployed globally.

The Chest mechanism remains, but each of the six tiers of Chests now rewards much bigger prizes, with rewards increasing two times for the lowest tiered Blue Chest and up to eleven times for the highest tiered Black Chest.

Furthermore, the operator added new items to its Stars Rewards store, including high-price options that can be bought with StarsCoins, the operators rewards currency, from Automobiles and bikes to various electronic gadgets.

These changes came into effect on PokerStars.IN last week. No changes have been made to PokerStars’ Stars Rewards program in other markets.

“Every player is being offered a better % of rewards but it’s personalized for each player,” a PokerStars.IN representative replied to PRO’s query.