Complications Plague Merge Network Software Upgrade Complications Plague Merge Network Software Upgrade

The Merge Gaming Network’s significant upgrade yesterday to a new software platform, version 6.0, encountered extensive difficulties that resulted in a longer-than-expected downtime for the network. A handful of ongoing issues will likely be resolved via patches in the coming days and weeks.

Australia-based Merge Gaming, with its flagship brand Carbon Poker, planned to introduce several new features simultaneously with the rollout of its new 6.0 platform.

Among the software’s new features are advanced “selector”-style game filtering, expanded lobby and search capabilities, and game-list expanders that serve as a toggle to access extra information about a given table or tournament.

Unfortunately, significantly problems emerged when the new client version debuted, with the site’s players reporting numerous major issues from excessive system lag and failure of the Mac version of the client.

Significant problems with table sorting and secondary-information displays were also encountered, along with player-to-player transfers and table-mode capabilities.

High-volume players also reported their third-party HUDs (heads-up display programs) stopped working, though third-party add-on failures are often the natural by-products of a change to a radically new software platform.

Merge spokespersons monitoring the new rollout confirmed many of the difficulties and promised that fixes were in the works, but without an immediate timetable for any specific issue.

As a result, the network’s players can expect frequent software updates over the next several weeks, with Merge working to make sure the productivity of the new software matches the buzz created for the new rollout.