In Denmark, online poker (denoted by the Danish Gambling Authority as multi-player casino games that generate revenue on a commission basis) grew by 1.3 percent between the third and fourth quarter. However, online poker continued its year-over-year decline during Q4 2017.

In its report on Q4 2017 figures, the Danish Gambling Authority noted that the average daily Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) from online poker had fallen by 31.6% since Q1 2014, the period chosen by the regulator as its benchmark which allowed the market to stabilize for two years after the liberalization of the betting and online casino markets in 2012.

Annual online poker GGR fell for the fifth consecutive year to the lowest amount (DKK 131.7 million) since the market opened in 2012. Conversely, online casino GGR excluding poker notched its most successful year yet with DKK 1674.6 million.

GGR for the broader online casino products grew 5% between Q3 and Q4. Year-over-year, online casino GGR in Q4 2017 grew 16.7%. Compared to the regulator’s benchmark period of Q1 2014, online casino is up 89.6%.

Inside the online casino sector over the last year, when excluding poker, slots accounted for 66.4%, followed by roulette (15.9%) and blackjack (11.7%).