Denmark online poker revenue fell to an all-time low in Q1 2018. During the first three months of the year, online poker generated 27.9 million DKK. The previous low point occurred in Q3 2017 when 31.6 million DKK was recorded.

Q1 2018 also represented the second largest year-over-year decline with the drop exceeding 20%.

Poker was likely the reason that total online gaming revenue had its first sequential dip since Q3 2016.

Online casino revenue (excluding poker) continued its upward trend rising from 447 million DKK in Q4 2017 to nearly 480 million DKK to begin the year. Year-over-year, Online casino revenue was up more than 26%.

Slots continued to garner the largest share of online casino revenue with 63% in March representing the biggest month of the quarter.

Conversely, poker had its best month in January with 9.7 million DKK, representing 5% of all online casino revenue that month. However, January also represent the largest year-over-year decline during the quarter with a nearly 25% drop.

Online sports betting contracted in Q1 following its record-setting quarter to end 2017.