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Speaking Up About High-Stakes Thieves

A recent dust-up between high stakes player Jason Mo and the folks over at PokerNews addresses a topic that both interests the community and has deeper implications to the industry as a whole.

Mo raises some valid points about the publishing of an op/ed by PokerNews in which high-profile player Phil Galfond outs a person he alleges “scammed” him out of $250,000. However, he seems to have a fundamental lack of understanding of the media business as a whole, and in particular the poker media business.

Mo illustrates this disconnect by referring to PokerNews as a “public media source” and by defining “PokerNews’ job” as “a live hand history parser.”

Though there have been a few article written on the topic, the best coverage can be found on Joey Ingram’s Poker Life. Mo appears twice, once in a debate with well-known poker media member Remko Rinkema, and Ingram also has a separate episode where PokerNews Editor in Chief, Donnie Peters, addresses the issue.