Unibet Poker has moved off iPoker’s French online poker network onto a new network run by B2B platform provider Relax Gaming, PRO can reveal.

Unibet has used Relax Gaming for online poker in the primary dot-com market for over five years, using its custom-built online poker software to run an independent online poker room.

Until now Unibet has kept its French online poker offer on Playtech’s iPoker network in France, pooling liquidity with Betclic. In December 2018, under EU shared liquidity rules this then became part of iPoker Europe, a new network that combined this French player base with iPoker’s Spanish network, comprising of skins Bet365, Betfair, CasinoBarcelona and Sportium.

However, as first reported by PRO last month, Unibet announced that it would be exiting this network and joining a new venture with Relax Gaming. It executed on this plan late last week, PRO has learned.