Winamax Hires Italian, Spanish Ambassadors as Company Readies for Euro Expansion

Italy’s Mustapha Kanit and Spain’s Adrián Mateos join the ranks of Winamax Team Pros as company prepares for European shared liquidity.

The signing of two stars--Kanit and Mateos are two of the biggest winning and most recognizable live poker players in their home countries of Italy and Spain respectively--shows just how serious Winamax is in pushing into these new markets.

French online poker leader Winamax has announced professional poker players Mustapha Kanit and Adrián Mateos as its new Team Pro ambassadors. The move comes as the company prepares for new rules on European shared liquidity that will allow it to build a player pool across Europe’s regulated markets—which Winamax has called “an incredibly important day for European poker.”

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October 17, 2017