Cash game traffic at online poker startup Run it Once Poker has rebounded to over 100 average concurrent cash game players following the launch of its new stable client and associated promotion “101% Week.”

Earlier this month, the operator released the biggest upgrade to its poker software to date. While there were a few customer-facing improvements, including new table themes and improved animations, the major upgrade was in platform stability.

According to the operator, there are various architectural changes which have resolved many long-standing stability issues, and the new client includes an automatic updater so that future upgrades can be deployed quicker.

To promote the new client, the operator ran a week-long promotion. It committed to giving away over 100% of all rake collected through a combination of direct rakeback, bigger pot “splashes” and rake races.

The combination of the new client and the promotional push has had the desired effect: Cash game traffic has returned to levels not seen in over three months.