PokerStars revamping rewards system with weekly challenges. PokerStars revamping rewards system with weekly challenges.
Key Takeaways
  • PokerStars to introduce weekly challenges in loyalty program beginning April 2.
  • MPCs replaced with weekly challenges, offering up to 65% rewards.
  • Challenges tailored to player, with rake requirement and rewards based on playing history.
  • Weekly system divides the monthly challenge into four, with lower wagering requirement and rewards.
  • Unibet also revamping loyalty system in April, with players able to earn up to 65% rakeback.

Global online poker giant PokerStars has announced that Monthly Poker Challenges, which form a significant part of its loyalty program PokerStars Rewards, will be replaced with weekly challenges.

The change will be implemented on Sunday, April 2, PRO can reveal.

Monthly Poker Challenges, or MPCs, were introduced in the summer of 2021 as part of a complete overhaul to how PokerStars rewards its players. It scrapped the randomized system of prizes in Chests and the “personalized” targets to earn chests; in its place, the operator launched a much simpler and more predictable system of fixed prizes and earn rates.