Partypoker Managing Director Tom Waters: Real Name Tables “A Game-Changer” Partypoker Managing Director Tom Waters: Real Name Tables “A Game-Changer”

Partypoker’s expansion of their intriguing and novel “real names” policy at recent major online tournament series has proven to be extremely popular, the company has stated.

In a recent podcast with partypoker ambassador Jaime Staples, Tom Waters, Managing Director at partypoker, said that the move to real names from screen names in tournaments “has been a bit of a game-changer” and that they will continue to offer it for their upcoming major online series.

“We won’t force everything into real names overnight so most of our daily schedule on [partypoker] will remain an alias for now,” said Waters.

“By over time, I think it’s inevitable that more and more of these tournaments flick to real names. I think the benefits outweigh the cons and I think most players tend to prefer it,” Waters added.

Last year, over the summer, partypoker trialed out real names at cash game tables, starting with the high stakes and heads-up games.

Initially, the real name policy was compulsory, but this was later tweaked to be an optional system, offering tables with real names alongside traditional tables.

The real name policy was then expanded to all online Day 1s, satellites, phases, and feeders to partypoker LIVE events.

These moves were taken as a part of the operator’s ecology changes under the banner “#fairplay,” to make the games as clean as they would be in a live environment.