Lottery SNGs: iPoker vs Winamax Lottery SNGs: iPoker vs Winamax
Key Takeaways
  • iPoker’s Twister almost an exact replica of Expresso, down to the payout structure, buyins offered and player experience.
  • Six skins currently offer iPoker’s new game.
  • Like Expresso, there are no lists of tables or ability to observe running games.
  • The rake is slightly lower on Twister thanks to 2.01x multiplier on the lowest prize tier.

Winamax introduced a new form of lottery game-cum-hyperturbo tournament structure called “Expresso Poker“ in August 2013. The three-max tournament combines a pure-luck prize pool from 2x to 1000x the buyin, and a 3-max fast-structure winner-takes-all tournament to decide the winner of the prize.