PokerStars Spreads Showtime Hold'em in France PokerStars Spreads Showtime Hold'em in France

Online poker giant PokerStars has rolled out its innovative poker game format Showtime Hold’em for real money cash games in the French market.

The launch comes just weeks after the operator reincarnated Showtime, along with another PokerStars’ innovation, Fusion, in tournament format across its global dot-com player pool.

Showtime Hold’em plays exactly like No Limit Hold’em but with the twist that players must reveal their hole cards every time they fold.

Showtime made its debut on the French PokerStars client on Thursday, July 18. Just like when it first launched in the dot-com market in May 2018, the game can be found under the new “Showtime” tab in the main lobby with the “Seat Me” lobby feature, meaning players cannot choose their table or seat. It is played in 6-max format.