Online poker giant PokerStars has carried out changes to its Sit & Go (SNG) offering by replacing 6-max No Limit Hold’em tables with 5-handed games.

The changes have been made at select stakes—$1, $3.50 and $7—on a trial basis, with other stakes remaining the same.

The number of places paid remains the same except that the prize distribution has been tweaked to distribute 70% to first and 30% to second, instead of the traditional 65/35 split seen at 6-max tables.

Furthermore, Fifty50, the operator’s unique 10-handed SNG format that pays out half the field, has now been replaced with eight-handed tables at stakes of $15 and higher.

These changes came into effect on Monday, November 23, PRO understands. The operator states that these changes have been made in an effort to fill games faster and increase the action.

“The aim of these changes is to have more games running with less time spent waiting for a game to begin,” it was stated.